Pennsylvania: One of the Bluest States, According to RCP

I am very happy to see my home state of Pennsylvania so far out of the battleground status and becoming bluer and bluer as each year passes.  PA has gone from hotly contested in 2000, likewise in 2004, and again in 2008, all with miserable failures by the GOP.  In 2006, Pennsylvania repudiated Rick Santorum with a landslide 18 point margin smackdown that was justifiably humiliating for the incumbent.  

We may love "us" some Hillary in Pennsylvania, but this state is nowhere near its "trapped in the Dark Ages" reputation some pundits have inaccurately attempted to fabricate.  We have a Democratic governor, a Democratic senator, a socially liberal Republican senator, and an electoral cache that slips further and further out of the GOP's reach with every election.  

I checked RCP on PA today and noticed the following shocker:

RCP Average    10/05 - 10/14    --    53.6    40.0    Obama +13.6  

+13.6 is huge.  HUGE.  And obv, not just one poll but an avg.  PA on RCP is only 1 point behind California and only two points behind Massachusetts in terms of blueness.

While like many Hillary supporters, I was afraid that the DNC might be folding the election by nominating a candidate open to GOP slime, it appears no one is buying the train crash express, er... whatever they're calling it these days.  For every one racist Pennsylvania is alleged (key word) to have, there are hundreds of Americans living here who are infinitely more horrified by Sarah Palin than the color of an executive's pigments.  

Eastern Pennsylvania is growing very rapidly, with a lot of migration into greater Philadelphia (though not necessarily the city itself), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Allentown/Bethlehem, and Harrisburg.  The upstate cities have grown very diverse.  With Pittsbugh and Erie on the western side, this proliferation and expansion of traditional Democratic strongholds will make Pennsylvania an even bigger longshot for GOP hopes in the future.  According to RCP, PA is even bluer than New Jersey today.  If that holds on election day, I will be proud of PA for becoming so steadfastly progressive.  

CHEERS for Pennsylvania.

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Re: Pennsylvania: One of the Bluest States

I am from Pennsylvania as well, and I think any Democrat would have done well here this year.  I've commented before about PA's demographics.  I was recently suprised to see that the percentage of retired people who settle in PA is about the same relative to population as is Florida's. We are apparently one of the top two retirement states in the country.  We are not as diverse as Florida, but the older population is particularly affected by the stock market crash and the economy.  Besides that, Pennsylvania is especially affected by the economy and has been for years as part of the rust belt, and the number of jobs that have left the state.  The polls started going up for Obama the same week the stock market went down significantly and people started getting scared.  It also helps to have a strong Democratic governor, even though I have to admit the republican ones we have had have been in a lot of ways more liberal than he has.  Still, he leads the machine and that is what helps a lot in getting people elected.

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Re: Pennsylvania: One of the Bluest States

I'm sorry I missed this comment earlier.  What region of the state are you from?  I've been back and forth b/w Philly & Wilkes-Barre.

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