Happy Halloween & Election Music

Happy Halloween.  

I sent out a bulletin on my music channel with a voting reminder.  If John McCain wins, I will play iieee by Tori Amos.  iieee is a very anguished song during whose live performances, Tori Amos confronts the demon responsible for the death of her daughter.  It's very dark, compelling, and disturbing, and there is a lot of screaming in it.  Fitting, I'd say, for a McCain presidency and three+ decades of a McCain uber Court of Hate.

By contrast, if Barack Obama wins, I will play Holiday by Madonna.  And it will be real good; I made a very bubbly arrangement for it, and may perform it in a shirt and tie.  

Everywhere we go, voting matters.  Though a diehard Clinton admirer, I am firmly emotionally invested in this election now and will be devastated if Obama does not win.  I now understand the nervousness of being ahead in all the polls.  I can't wait until Tuesday (is over!) and really hope we just win Virginia (whose polls close earlier than most) and set the stage for a good night.  Prop 8 in California has me nervous too.  

I will deliver four votes for Obama when I drive to the polls; myself, mom, sister, and sister's gf.  We were ardent Hillary supporters but people who love Hillary are too goodhearted and humanist to allow John McCain to plunder the country.  

Happy Halloween and may everyone have a good weekend!

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