This is why Im having a hard time! x2!!!

No words to say for this!


This abhorrent, sexist sign is being held proudly by OBAMA supporters outside the Indiana Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, where Hillary Clinton just spoke and Barack Obama is speaking… IN PLAIN VIEW of OBAMA STAFF, an Obama supporter is holding up this sign, and NONE of the Senatorâ€<sup>TM</sup>s staff is doing a thing about it… HEREâ€<sup>TM</sup>s a report from a person outside the event, and what this person witnessed: â€oeThe kids with this sign were on the same side of the street (but across another street) from the obama people. They put the sign towards cars and towards Obama supporters more than towards our side of the street.”†66; Obama supporters were taking pix of it from across the street and laughing. GO TO Obamaâ€<sup>TM</sup>s campaign site and register a protest...

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