Talkleft's BTD: Clinton team concedes FL/MI rules and fairness arguments during conference call 13333/0744

The money quote: "In today's conference call, the Clinton campaign conceded any rules-based or fairness-based argument for the full seating of the Florida and Michigan delegations. The Clinton campaign declared that, unlike Iowa, NH and South Carolina, Florida and Michigan did indeed break the DNC rules and without justification. The Clinton campaign expressly disagreed with the Michigan Democratic Party's contention that the DNC had selectively enforced its rules by allowing New Hampshire and South Carolina to break the sanctioned primary schedule, that Florida was not entitled to a safe harbor or waiver, and that the DNC had acted properly and within the rules when it stripped Florida and Michigan of its delegates."

BTD goes on to state that the only argument the Clinton campaign now has is that stripping the delegates will hurt Democrats in November.  In other words, rules were broken by Michigan and Florida, the DNC's action was within the rules and fair, but that for the sake of the election we should allow Michigan and Florida to break the rules without penalty.  He sums up that the rules meeting tomorrow will be a "mere formality" in which the legal memo will be relied on to restore half the delegates to Florida and Michigan.      

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3 GOP Senators in their 70s say they're "too old" to be VICE President

Via TPM, the Hill interviewed the 97 Senators not currently running for President on whether they'd be interested in being vice President. tors-say-whether-theyd-agree-to-be-vice- president-2008-05-12.html

A TPM reader caught that 3 Republicans stated that they would turn it down because of their age.  They are Pete Domenici (age 76), Chuck Grassley (age 74) and Thad Cochran (age 70).  John McCain is, of course, actually older than Cochran by 2 years. 4841.php

Also of note: Two Democratic names mentioned for VP (Jim Webb and Sherrod Brown) also say that they are not interested.  As does Joe Liberman.  And Harry Reid again notes that he wants to continue to "lead the Senate" which suggests speculation that he might be willing to give up his leadership role is unfounded.

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Obama Beats McCain, Clinton Beats McCain More in New National Poll [w/poll]

In a new LAT poll, Obama beat McCain 46-40 nationally, while Clinton prevails 47-38: /front/la-na-poll10-2008may10,0,1325783. story?track=rss

Interestingly enough, both Democrats beat McCain in terms of who would best handle the economy even when the other Democrat is listed as an option.  Clinton 32, Obama 26, McCain 23.

My hope is that the the McCain camp decides that this means they need "help on the economy" and they pick Romney or Fiorina as VP.  The only person worse than either of them is anyone who held a position in the Bush Administration.

So, just for fun, a poll of which VP you would most like to see McCain choose.  And if I forgot an option, feel free to list it in comments (and tell us if you're serious---I think we'd all enjoy the "Michael Brown" or "Dick Cheney" joke pick as well).  

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Obama Considers Paying Clinton Campaign Debt [w/poll]

Well, that would be unfortunate: 05/09/obama-wont-rule-out-easing-clinton -campaign-debt/

As someone who's chipped in for Obama, I'd prefer he not do this.  She's worth $100 million, and chose to loan her campaign money to attack him.  

But it is his campaign, and he's made a lot of smart choices so far.  If he thinks this would be worth it for the sake of party unity, so be it.  

Thoughts?  Obama supporters, like or dislike or hate this?  Clinton supporters, same?  Also, thoughts on whether Hillary would actually want this?  Is it somehow demeaning?

BTW, nothing in this diary should be taken as pressure for Clinton to drop out.  

Update: To be clear, the article doesn't refer to any talks. Obama was asked about the idea, and referred to it as premature since both sides were still campaigning, but also said there's precedent for it and that you always want to leave a strong primary opponent in a strong position so they can join your team, and that Hillary has been a strong opponent.

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New Republican Law Blocks 12 Nuns from Voting in Indiana

Recently, the Supreme Court approved the Indiana law which required a valid and current government-issued identification in order to vote.  Today, we're seeing the results of that decision, as 12 nuns were denied the right to vote. j2QQCVZYwfdLSokUeN1K9hQD90GBCNO0

As the article notes, the nuns were all old, none of them drove, and although some of them brought passports none of the passports were current.  

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$486 vs. $279, etc

A diary on the recommended list right now quotes the average Obama contribution accurately at $96.  It then proceeds to argue that this stands in contrast to Clinton donors, who are regular folks giving less money but voluteering time.

Um, what?

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