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    I read that too. In the meantime, Rich's columns generally appear on TruthOut a day or so after they are published. I've been reading them there.

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    Yep, she's taking on a tiger. I happened to be in a room last year at Oglivy and Mather where those enviro BP ads are on display. Makes your blood boil that they made this move under the radar, while advertising at such odds.

    Did I miss the word "mercury" when the story first broke? Not sure, but it could be the first reports were soft-pedaling the full effects.

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    they wouldn't sell beer!  the union had called the vendors and prohibited them from selling beer.  

    That is good to learn! The first shots of Keith Olbermann included an energetic Union member jumping up and down, waving at the camera. My first thought was of our sorry history of drunks on the field, so I'm glad to know there was no beer sold in the stadium.

    Now that I'm able to watch the entire debate (via C-Span), the jumper seems to have been contained.

    The debate replay is at the point of audience questions. I like the immediacy and succinctness of these questions, they really have had a lot of impact. Excellent production.

    Thanks for your report on the live event.

  • Sounded like it was open to all who have no other pool or employer plans available. He didn't provide any links as it may be still in preliminary stages.

    The MTP homepage doesn't show his name for today, but I'll check when the transcript is available. Also, I'll post again when I find further information.

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    The overnight anchor last night had a challenge in both spelling and pronouncing the name, forgot to mention above. Bless her heart, at least she gave it some publicity.

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    Bored Now, your link to the Trib above is actually to another Sun-Times story. My search at the Tribune turns up a column from August 1.

    Trying to get your arms around Daily Kos is like trying to wrap them around a blimp as it inflates -- an apt analogy because Kos, as a political Web site, features no small amount of hot air.

    I'd say the difficulty in attending was getting one's arms around the multiple possibilities of presentations and choosing which to enjoy. Even Saturday's cancellation resulted in a chance for three of us to have Jay Buckley to ourselves for a half hour or more. He's just jumped in to run against Sen Sununu in New Hampshire. Jay is a former astronaut, excellent conversationalist and listener as well.

    He has a great logo on his "palm(?)" card, but not the lovely dome and color of Daniel Biss's card!

    I thank you for leading the Illinois caucus, and I can attest that some attendees are older than 60...did you notice the number of wheelchairs in the crowd?

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    You and I know that, but it's a travesty for C-Span to provide a platform for willing Bushies to misinform the audience. Luckily it's small!

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    TP, when the C-Span "moderator" lets blatantly incorrect statements stand, I sometimes write in to them to object. Not sure about how easily callers are able to get through to rebut serious mistakes, but it is a good goal, as you say.

    Steve Scully has a college teaching position, I believe, and I have noticed that he is quick to correct some of the wild things he hears, esp from guests, who have been given a platform.

    Recently, Stan Brand was on when Gonzales was the topic. At least once he simply smiled (slightly) back and declined to answer a wingnut caller. Mr Brand and Bruce Fein irked Chris Matthews a week or so ago; they were in agreement about the entire range of Bush's abuse of Constitutional rights and laws.

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    Even C-Span is not exempt from atrocious misstatements by their "guests." One morning a Florida rep, a doctor by training, ended his spiel by describing Bush II as a Yale Law school graduate. The host, I think, was old enough to know better. A newbie host tries to pose probing questions, but I cringe when I know there are good souces of political information, ones with which he/she ought to be familiar.

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    When he made a previous run, in 2004 I think it was, I had to look up his record. He was a two-term US Senator from Alaska, and Frank Murkowski, father of Lisa, replaced him. His name is from a French-Canadian father, thus the accent on the last syllable.

    For those of us interested in the Nixon era, Gravel played an important role in getting the Pentagon Papers published.

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    Sen Durbin's statement on LaHood's retirement is complimentary. He mentions Bob Michel, for whom LaHood had worked, later following in his footsteps in the district.

  • Thanks for noticing! I don't watch PBS unless there's an especially recommended Bill Moyers program. NOW has fairly short segments, as I recall, but I'll watch this and then see if it can be promoted.

    I went to Mark Crispin Miller's blogspot, but saw nothing about it. His writings and speaking appearances have focused on Republican voting irregularities. Still, even with his efforts, he's had very little public notice.

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    When you think of the White House photo ops with foreign dignitaries, I think Hilary would take to those with gusto. Democrats have a flair for finding attractive locations for their meetings, and would go beyond using only the State of the Union speech and the Ford's Theater or Lincoln Center gala events. Even Bush did as much with having Putin come to Maine. The Clinton years always began with an exclusive New Year's gathering somewhere in South Carolina, IIRC, a kind of retreat for thinkers, movers and shakers. Those and the G8 summits depend on taking the reins of power, as you say.

  • Just last evening, former Democratic Congressman Abner Mikva of Illinois spoke of the importance of college-age voters to his winning campaigns in a Republican district, the 10th IL. He urged that campaigns enlist college campus precinct captains to form support groups on leading colleges and universities. In this case, it appears you are taking on the effort spontaneously.

    In those years, the voting age was 21, making registration a challenge. Nevertheless, the Honorable Mr Mikva would send his congratulations to you, I know, as do I. Good luck - and have much success.

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    Hilary is doing an EXCELLENT job tonight. However, I didn't care much for that slow-walking answer to the question about meeting foreign leaders. Gosh, she'll have lots of power if she's elected. She can even invite people over to the White House, don't you know.


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