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    that Jerome is using to further divide Dems with. I'm starting to question your party bona fides, Jerome. I saw where McCain was trying to recruit trolls for Kos. Did he get to you first?

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    humor. Good show, chap.

    Virtually recommended.

  • I noted the spike as well; it seems to have begun around the NC/IN primaries. Beginning of the end interest? There's a climb in the same place over at DK, though not as dramatic; a bigger spike there around PA. Seems like future fodder for a retrospective academic paper on political blog behavior.

    I have to say, I think the heated arguments, ratings wars, and the like actually get people's blood up and keep them coming back. Could be a completely therapeutic thing. Or I could just be talking out my ass.

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    with such a serious case of egomania.

    WTF? So we're not looking for the candidate that appeals to us, but instead we're looking for the candidate that appeals to everyone else? We're the gatekeepers, as it were?

    Again, WTF?

  • But this could simply be a case where Jerome realizes that as soon as the nomination is settled, and people have adjusted to the new reality, the site will lose some of that primal, angry discourse that's been steadily attracting people here since the beginning of February. The site benefits from having a bunch of bomb throwers around, because passion is entertaining. In some ways, it's the same sort of disgusting display of manipulation that the MSM is prone to in order to keep ratings up.


  • Jerome has done plenty to incite irrational behavior around here, so you can thank him, Larry Johnson, Taylor Marsh et al. for fomenting the dissent that has helped to create deeper divisions than was necessary.

  • for them to peel back their own curtain, does it?

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    you want about grownups, but unless you know who you're talking to, then you're shooting in the dark.

    Those who have no confidence in Obama, never had any because they were unnaturally wed to their own candidate from the point that they got on board. There's a percentage of folks whose minds would never have been swayed, and it's not worth the time nor effort to try to convince them otherwise. If one wants to not vote or vote against the Democratic nominee, then I have nothing to say to them, and there's nothing I could do about it anyway.

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    where that came from.

    I had my share of exchanges with her, and not a one of them was fun or productive-just a lot of sputtering invective and threats of GBCW being tossed about. She's been building to this for a long, long time. She's just come to the realization that her candidate won't win, and she's decided to finally follow through.

    I'm sure we'll see a lot of attrition in November, probably more than in past elections. But, we have attrition every presidential election when people are frustrated by backing a losing candidate. Fortunately, we've had too many years of Bush, and it's not going to be the sole support of Dems that puts Obama in the White House in November, so if we lose a few more than normal, that's just the way it will be.

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    "I think Obama will lose, and my candidate didn't win, so I'm going to take my toys and go home."

    What a spineless, vindictive way to be. I just checked my sympathy reserves, and it seems they're empty.

  • Nice diary, deminva. Good luck on getting any worthwhile responses to it, though.

  • I don't consider the half of alegre's ubiquity that are smear pieces to be sticking up for her candidate. She has a long history of proliferating drive-by fabrications and then refusing to engage when she's called out. She's also alluded many times that she would never vote for Obama, so sucking it up and playing nice with this hyperpartisan has no real upside.

  • that there are rules, and that there are consequences for breaking rules. The people who "enacted" the transgression were elected by the people who are being punished. I didn't see riots in the streets when the FL legislature was fucking up the process, so it seems to me that the people were at least passively complicit with their elected representatives.


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