• I'm not sure that a momentum argument holds much weight since Florida was stripped in August 2007 and Michigan in early December. That allowed plenty of time for both candidates to adjust their campaign strategies to the new realities.

    Since you've brought up Iowa, let me just say that I believe that's where Clinton lost the nomination (and notice I don't say that's where Obama won it). Had her campaign really looked at the possible new realities of strategy for the season and put a full court effort into the ground operation in Iowa, I think she could have won there, denying the Obama campaign a major victory (major because it's the first contest), and allowing her to claim two states in a row immediately. I think Obama would still have won SC - by a lower percentage, though - but it wouldn't have given him the steam that he wound up having going into Super Tuesday, and she would have ended the contest then.

    And thanks for saying that I seem reasonable...that happens very little here, and almost never in my personal existence.  ;)

  • they elected their representatives, who in turn voted to move up the primaries. As I've said before, I don't remember seeing any rioting in the street around the time that the votes passed, so I have to assume at least passive complicity of the voters.

    There won't be a grudge, because a portion of the delegates will be allocated, thereby giving a (slightly smaller, though still) representative vote to the states of MI and FL.

    As for Howard Dean, I know you guys like to make him your bogeyman, but he's not the only one who called for a punishment above the minimum outlined in the DNC's Delegate Selection Rules, though the RBC was well within their rights under those same rules to extend beyond the minimum.

    Let's put the blame where it lies, on the state parties and elected members who tried to circumvent the schedule for their own gratification. The great irony of the situation is that both states would have been incredibly relevant to the process had they just stayed put. It was a calculated risk on their part that didn't pay off.

  • but I've lost the ability to HR, TR and rec diaries, because I broke the rules. I know this will get me the "apples and oranges" argument, but at the root level, it's the same thing. You either follow the rules or you take the punishment.

  • I've taken my medicine for those zero ratings, and so now I'm going to hold everyone to an equal standard.

  • http://www.metacafe.com/watch/291638/cla yton_bigsby/

  • Jong was defined by her feminist writings. You'd have to come up with some pretty incredible sources to prove that she's sexist. The initial comment was /s to that effect.

    I won't argue your point, though. I mean, Phyllis Schlafly and Clarence Thomas...'nuff said.

    Oh...and Clayton Bigsby:

  • is a cottage industry around these parts. Wasn't she a ne'er-do-well beauty queen who self-published and self-promoted her way to credibility? I'll take Erica Jong's bona fides over hers any day.  

  • just a bit downstream. Thanks for the idea. Brilliant.

  • And elitist.

    And Frrrrrrench.

  • missed big in the NC primary, I think I'll withhold my praise for their methodology until I see some more polls.

    Remember how you were all touting their poll as an indication that Clinton was closing the gap in NC? 'member?

  • on a comment on "LOST IN A FUN HOUSE" over 6 years ago

    how about a Barack Obama  
    shoe shine kit so you can get all spiffy before your business meeting?
    I am sure that would amuse everyone.
    This typical PA White Person will be voting for Hillary.
    by TeresaInPa on Tue May 06, 2008 at 12:52:15 AM EST

    yes, it might be funny if they have  
    one of Obama stealing a TV too. They could call it Barry the Looter and it would have a tiny TV you could watch in the airport in between flights.
    ha ha ha

    This typical PA White Person will be voting for Hillary.
    by TeresaInPa on Tue May 06, 2008 at 12:43:54 AM

    I'm so glad a fellow DDer provided these to me. I'll get endless use out of them.

    TiP, why not troll rate me for your words?

  • comment on a post "LOST IN A FUN HOUSE" over 6 years ago

    This is the sort of diary that's going to turn MyDD into the archetypal fringe site that is referenced anytime someone wants to disparage liberality by linking it to the internet's looniest moonbats.

    On a respectable progressive blog, linfar would've been banned to eternity for any number of the tripe-filled, party-immolating tirades she's gone on (and been rewarded for) here.

    Flame away. I just can't bring myself to even say anything positive about the diarist or her supporters.

  • You've been reported for ratings abuse...again.

  • comment on a post Does Hillary Want VP? over 6 years ago

    by Quinnipiac shows that there's not enthusiasm for having Clinton on the bill for VP. We'll see more and more of these come out, and while she's hovering in the 40-50% range as a potential VP, Obama doesn't even have to consider it until she breaks 60%, which may or may not ever happen.

  • From SUSA, today:

    Obama: 49% (35%)
    McCain: 42% (55%)

    Obama/Edwards:   53%
    McCain/Huckabee: 41%

    http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollRepo rt.aspx?g=9901f8fc-034e-4a1d-ab36-f6e5c9 18614e


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