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    At some point, interest rate increases will cross the magic line when they will start to slow-down the pace of home purchases.  

    As to what that line is, I have no idea.  But it does exist.

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    The economists are arguing that the Iraq war has increased trader's scrutiny on the production and transport level of the oil industry.  Their argument extends to the perception that the war has led traders to become extremely sensitive to any supply disruption.

    There is an increase in world demand.  However, if the production was sufficient to meet that demand -- or more importantly, if the supply was at least stable -- the increase in demand may not have as pronounced an effect.  Without the war, trader's would be confident that supply could expand without threat from attach.


  • This is a terrible day.  Many workers already in retirement are nearing retirement will lost a great deal of money through no fault of their own.

    In addition, I didn't see any mention of the executives who helped create this mess taking a pay cut.  

  • That is the first time I have seen that graph.  The last few months were very telling.  
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    on the front page about the actual numbers behind Bush's plan.
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    There are two problems with economics and politics.  First, it's not a visceral science, whereas gay marriage is a big deal to some.  Secondly, trade deficits are complex situations that don't easily reduce to a 30-second soundbite.  
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    Of course, no one of the right wants to admit anything of what Volker says, despite his brilliance.
  • What a dick.
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    This title says it all.  Although the Republicans love to paint the democrats as tax and spend, the reality is the Republicans simply love to spend.

    The Democrats have a real opportunity to split the Republicans in two by targeting the fiscally conservative moderates.  Although it appears from the election statistics moderates do not exist, I believe this is a fallacy.  Most people I know fall into this category.  They want to help people so long as the help does not run into huge deficits or destroy personal responsibility.

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    Thanks.  I thought I did.  This was the first post that I made, so I am a little rough on the formating of DD diaries.
  • is an odd duck who has some really strange ideas.  Actually, I would call his ideas very old-fashioned, as in 17th century old-fashioned.  

    I read his dissent in the Lawrence case (the case the stated a sodomy law was unconstitutional) and it was one of the most alarmist statements I have ever read.  

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    I have absolutely no idea what poll will actually call the election, if any.

    What I do know is the polls are all over the place.  Depending on the website, the electoral vote count changes half a million times in a week.

    What does this mead?

    Go vote.  And pray like hell.

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    OBL's tape reminded people that the man is still out there.  I wonder if Kerry's continuing to mention OBL's getting away at Tora Bora has traction.
  • They have a media blaster section.  I think it is under the campaigns section.  But, it is pretty easy to find.


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