• The people of Georgia have the right to commit financial suicide..but they have to wait till November 2 to do that! The people of Virginia waited a year after Obama to commit financial suicide by electing Ken Cuccinelli!

  • And yes, there were a lot of idiots in Virginia, particularly here in Northern Virginia, and specifically "moderate" Caucasian women, including those who voted for Obama, voted for this nutcase. If you make your bed, you have to lie on it!

  • Let us discuss Tom DeLay's statement that unemployed people are unemployed because they want to be!


  • ....and perhaps if we can get the greedy old geezer, drunk with power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire before it is too late, instead of hanging on until the end of the Obama administration, be it 2012 or 2106, we wont get too many Scalias in the Supereme Court. Everyday my contempt for this woman grows. People like her are responsible for why we have folks like Scalia on the Supreme Court.

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    on how Dems will loose the House.


    Possible, but still very early..I would suggest that everyone take a quick look at the polls from the UK and how they differ from the polls in December. So, anything can happen between now and November. I have a strange feeling that it comes down to the seats in NY. If the Dems hold the Gillibrand seat, they will keep the Senate. If the Dems dont loose more than two seats in the NY House delegation, they will likely keep the House, at least initially (if they have a five seat majority defections by some Blue Dogs could lead to a GOP House majority). Had Paterson not quit, he would have brought the NY delegation down and with that the House majority. Now, the big question is, does an impending Cuomo blowout carry the House Dems in? Are there any coattails? My prediction, when all is said and done, GOP will have a one to two seat majority in the House, and Dems will have a one to two seat majority in the Senate..and if Americans dont like gridlock, wait until that happens.


  • If the GOP gains 35+ seats, but not the majority, I will wager my house that he will be the first to defect to the GOP giving them the majority!

  • No optimism from me. However, the events that may conspire to create a GOP House majority or keep the majority in Dem hands played out in February. First the doomsday scenario: I have a liberal guy in my apartment complex who loves snow. He was wishing for a really snowy winter with that stupid idiotic grin on his face. He is a weatherman. I told him bluntly that two more winters like this, it will be the end of Obama Presidency. One more month of this, and more temporary layoffs, plus permanent, it will be the end of Dem congress. He can choose one of the two, a month like Feb 2010 with lots of snow or the Obama Presidency. He wont have the privilege of getting both. So, snow is the first event which hurts.

    The second event is the fact that Paterson wont run for the Governor of New York. I think state coattails are a factor. A Paterson candidacy would almost certainly have brought enough Dems down with him in the House and perhaps cost Gillibrand her seat in the Senate and cost the Dems the US Senate. If Cuomo gets in..a Cuomo landslide will probably carry most of the vulnerable congressmen in, and perhaps Gillibrand as well! The Cuomo candidacy would probably mean a loss of 35 seats instead  of 40-45. However, there could still be enough defections after the elections to give the GOP the House...which barring another couple of winters like the one we had in February 2010 could give Obama the Presidency again in 2012.


  • This poll may be an outlier. However, if it does hold in other polling, it could mean only one thing: despite reforms, conservatives have antagonized the immigrants by saying that they want to cut immigration by 50%. Unlike the Canadian conservatives, who are pro-immigration, the Brit conservatives are a bit to the right on the issue..anyhow, given the ups and downs of the economy, it would be better if the conservatives form a minority government and the labor comes back strong in a year under a new and charismatic leader!

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    Goodbye and good riddance! The chances of a Dem governor landslide in November has increased sharply, and the coattails may carry most of the marginal Dem Reps that Charlie Cook and Larry Sabato consider vulnerable back into the Congress. It probably will also carry Kristen Gillibrand into the Senate. After a long time Dems finally got some good news. Now if only madame Ginsburg gets lost soon!

  • Wrong! The Dems gained in 1998 and the GOP gained in 2002! I think we are in for a series of wave elections in 2010, 2012 and 2014...that would be a decade of wave elections!

  • A GOP House will more or less assure an Obama victory in 2012 as long as it is around 219-216. A loss of 41-42 seats may be precisely what the Dems need! However, the loss of Senate will not be palatable.

  • If the unemployment rate is around 7% or below 7% by August 2012, Obama will win and if it is over 8.5% Obama is history...no matter who runs! This debate reminds me of 1978..believe me, I am that old! Almost everyone said that George Bush Sr. and Howard Baker had the best chance of winning against Carter, and that Reagan had no chance, as he was considered too racist and right wing! Indeed, a poll released on Feburary 4, 1980 put Carter at 58% and Reagan at 36%..a 22 point lead. We all know what happened exactly nine months later! This brings me to the final point. Polls today are meaningless especially coming from the likes of Rasmussen who is trying to be a recruiting tool for GOP. Case in point is the Ohio Governor's Poll...Rasmussen had Kasich at 49%, and ahead of Strickland by six, while the independent Quinnipac put Strickland ahead by six and Kasich in the low thirties! Today's narratives from Cook and others are disproportionately due to the Rasmussen polls. They have nothing else to go on. In short, other pollsters are short on cash or have abdicated their civic duty, Quinnipac, Sienna and Mason-Dixon included. Have not heard from Mason-Dixon in ages! The terrain is bad for the Dems. They will loose seats, but how bad they will loose is anyone's guess, this far out!

  • In the worse case scenario, we will have a special election, although I wish we can push that to 2012. Right now, I am more concerned about another terminally ill prominent figure, the selfish Ruth Bader Ginsburg hanging on and croaking on us when there is a GOP President, a GOP House and a GOP Senate. She is less interested in maintaining the philosophy continuing in the Supreme Court than in hanging on. That is completely different attitude from our conservative friends in the Supreme Court who have a tendency to step down when there is a President who is likely to appoint someone like them. GOP appointed justices care about preserving their philosophy while the Dem appointed justices such as Ruth Ginsberg care more about themselves. That unfortunately is the biggest difference between the conservatives and liberals at least in the Federal court system.

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    Obama made two big blunders..nominating Biden to be his VP..now the Senate seat from Delaware is lost...the second blunder was Salazar's nomination, and the Dems likely are loosing that seat too! Obama should have picked a governor as a running mate, and left Salazar alone. Those two blunders are probably the margins between a Dem controlled and GOP controlled Senate, and with the selfish and greedy Ruth Bader Ginsburg still hanging on as though Bush is still in the White House, it may be a margin of difference between a right-wing court and a balanced court..the greedy geezer will likely retire or croak when Sessions is the Senate Judiciary Comittee Chairman or when we have a GOP President! This perfect storm began in July 2008!

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    Closely divided? GOP had a five seat majority, while the best the Dems can hope for now is a two or three seat majority, and with Judiciary Committee Chairman Sessions forget it. Rehnquist would have quit had he lived, because he knew the GOP had an even chance of loosing the Senate in 2006. Ginsberg knows that Dems could loose the Senate in 2010, but she is too selfish to quit. That is the major difference between the GOP and Dems. If Rehnquist and Scalia were put in the same spot, they would likely quit now!


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