• and Hillary herself will help make the case.

    You folks can do what you want.

  • The Alaskan republican party is one of the most corrupt in the country, with a sitting senator under indictment and a host of investigations ongoing.

    We need to look closely at that image of a "corruption buster" they're going to make of her. As with most GOP image-making, we may find a lot less substance there than most realize.

    She can't dissociate herself from the stink of the Alaskan GOP, no matter how much she tries.

  • I'm hearing a lot of that. This is going to turn off a lot of women, especially Democratic women who voted for Hillary.

    It's a pander that's going to backfire. And that speaks volumes about McCain's and the GOP's political instincts this time around.

  • Independents recognize a pander when they see one. And when they consider how close she is to the presidency, and ask themselves whether they want a former one and a half-term governor of Alaska with an extremely limited background of public service running the country in a time of crisis, they'll get nervous. Far more nervous than they are with an Obama/Biden administration.

    When they compare McCain's judgment regarding who he chose to be a heartbeat from the presidency to Obama's judgment, they'll quickly understand who made the wiser choice.

    IMO, McCain lost the independent voters with this pick. He's counting on the GOP pro-life evangelical base, and there aren't enough of them this time around.

    Obama's still going to have to work hard to maintain enthusiasm and get out an historic voter participation on the Democratic side, but this was an obvious act of desperation on McCain's part, and tantamount to throwing in the towel. I think they're just hoping to salvage some downticket races in a few deep red states.

  • We're in the general election now. Our candidate is Barack Obama, the strongest, most skilled, most inspiring candidate we've had since Bill Clinton, with a united, excited, and energized party behind him.

    Our job now is to explain to the country, voter by voter, who Barack Obama and Joe Biden are (if they don't already know) and why the country needs them now.

    What are you doing?

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    The choice of Palin will actually further unite the Democratic Party.

    Those who supported Hillary Clinton, particularly older women, will reject the selection of a far less qualified woman candidate. They'll positively bristle at the idea that a woman whose core political values are diametrically opposed to those of Hillary Clinton might get closer to the presidency than she did. They'll resent it and reject it.

    And Hillary will remind them.

    It'll be a good process, though, for those who were wrapped up in identity politics during the primary. They'll have to ask themselves, do I care more about the issues, about the direction of the country and the future of my rights than I do about seeing someone of my gender in the White House? Because unlike during the primary, where the differences on the issues were minimal, here the choice is a stunningly stark one.

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    Maybe you should consider hanging out with your fellow republicans instead of trolling Democratic websites.

  • This isn't just any VP. The "heartbeat from the presidency" is more relevant to this ticket than just about any other in history. Every time they see McCain they're going to be reminded of that.

  • The fact is self-evident. John McCain is old and has been ill. He's physically fragile. It doesn't need to be stated explicitly.

    Meanwhile, the "heartbeat from the presidency" is a standard line when talking about the VP. It's going to be brought up again and again, and in the unstated context of McCain's age and health, it's going to have some major relevance.

    And while that may make some happy who want to see a woman -- any woman -- in the White House by any means, it's going to give a lot more people pause when they realize how seriously little national and foreign policy knowledge she has.

  • It's going to drive more voters to the Obama/Biden ticket, when they realize that Sarah Palin is not the person they want to be one malignant cell away from the presidency.

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    She is an evangelical Christian.

    indyrepublican really blew it!

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    Uprated. I wondered how the initial release was spinning her.

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    You're a republican. You'd have liked any choice McCain made.

    Your little bloc of two dozen pumas are free to vote your anatomy. Knock yourselves out.

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    You've yet to provide an argument that explains how, anatomy aside, this represents change.

    Is it really all about anatomy? Is that all it's ever really been?

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    I think this election is going to surprise people. Americans want this country to move in a new and better direction, and do it wisely. I really do believe that Obama and Biden make the best case, on the face of it, for achieving what Americans want. Obama's vision backed Joe's background: a combination of audacity and assurance.

    What does McCain-Bush/Palin offer? An old man who it must be said) may not even survive his term, leaving the country in the hands of the clearly inexperienced former governor of Alaska? In this world? At this time?

    I think Americans get it. I really do. For now, they're still knee-jerking, still answering poll questions in the way they've trained themselves to, in terms of party politics. But the bottom line is they're not going to put this country at any more risk. And Palin represents a far greater risk than Obama and Biden.

    The women ID voters? Pumas notwithstanding, I don't think there are enough of them resgistered as Democrats to blunt the sheer numbers we're bringing to the polls this year.


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