• This election is going to decide whether we're going to reward ignorance or whether we're going to reject it and transcend it.

    I don't doubt that there are people of intellignece who support the Palin/McCain ticket. However, in doing so, they're supporting an approach to governance which promotes ignorance and misinformation, and uses each to achieve its political aims.

  • You almost had me convinced until you brought up the "censorship" canard.

    Actually, that's not true. You never really had me going, because there's nothing that particular poster contributes to this site in any way that's remotely constructive. She's pure poison. When 99 out of 100 comments are inarguably worth hiding, I don't see why her 1% rate of borderline civility should even be respected as sincere. Your mileage clearly varies.

  • You're right, I don't approve of right-wing talking points coming from someone who does nothing but post vicious, nasty, relentless (not to mention baseless, factless, and often outright lying) attacks on Barack Obama for months. I don't approve of people coming to a Democratic website to post praise for the Republican ticket and explain why they're voting for John McCain.

    Basically, I don't approve of this site turning into a place where Democrats waste their time and energy debating with people who clearly are here to simply disrupt and distract.

    That's not suppressing speech. That's site moderation. Without it, MyDD would go to hell in a heartbeat, as several other sites already have.

    This person's history here betrays a deep antipathy toward the Democratic Party and an obsessive desire to post inflammatory comments, most of which end up hidden by multiple users. By responding to her comments, her nastiness and vitriol are only encouraged, and rope in unsuspecting users who think she actually wants to discuss anything reasonably. I, for one, am really just sick of it.

  • Although you're the most transparently disingenuous troll at MyDD, I'll answer, because I have a few minutes.

    Belonging to a secessionist party whose slogan is "Alaska First" doesn't quite mesh with a GOP campaign whose slogan is "Country First." It's not merely about issues of Palin's loyalty, but about McCain's judgment.

    The independents in OH and PA, and elsewhere in the country are looking at Palin and thinking "who is this weirdo?" while looking at McCain and thinking "what the hell is wrong with him?" Independents and moderates are not like you. They see right through this, and they're probably just waiting for the other shoe to drop before abandoning the GOP entirely.

    You're now free to continue desperately spinning how great Sarah Palin is and how doomed the Obama campaign is. We'll continue to mostly ignore you.

  • You still don't know what you're talking about, and yet, you can't stop talking.

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    "they used this woman and her daughter in their cynical manipulation of identity politics needs endless refutation"

    True enough. The first thing out of the mouths of conservative apologists on Friday was the "compelling life story" of Sarah Palin and her image as "a mom." The immediate electoral analysis was about how her gender would play politically.

    She and her family are absolutely being used in the most cynical ways possible: to deflect Obama's post-convention bounce, to try to exploit any lingering disunity in the party, and to pander to the evangelical base. As an individual, she's almost laughably inappropriate for the position, but she was turned into a symbol of conservative family values, and that's the cynical ploy McCain's people are banking on to generate enthusiasm in the conservative base.

    That's the political context, and it's one in which Sarah Palin's family does have some relevance.

    However, ultimately it's not about her. It's is about John McCain's judgment and temperment. It's about how John McCain makes decisions. It's about what John McCain puts first: his country, or his conservative base. It's about whether John McCain takes governing seriously enough to put a qualified person in the White House with him.

    Those are the issues I think we need to pivot to whenever the subject of Sarah Palin arises.

  • In his first presidential decision, Barack Obama chose someone who could best serve the country in a time of crisis.

    In his first presidential decision, John McCain chose someone who could best serve his political campaign in its time of crisis.

    As this sinks in, especially among independents and moderates, I expect the numbers to change. The more people see of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the fewer doubts they have about their capacity to lead the country. The more the country sees Sarah Palin and John McCain, the clearer it will be that it's they who are Not Ready.

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    See, it's that kind of thing that makes you a classic internet troll. You can't be anything but insulting, every chance you get.

    I do hope this activity makes you feel better about yourself. I suggest, though, that spending time outdoors will be much better for your self-esteem than sitting in a dark room at a computer, irritating people with the same old bitter comments day after day. Really, you should try it.

    Now, you may have the last word.

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    Opening your wounds every day on a website is not healthy.

  • You knew what her answer would be. It's what Maddow calls "post-rational."

    This person is not here in good faith, and probably never was.

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    I calls em as i sees em.

  • The mainstream American view wants to reduce gun violence while still allowing gun ownership. The Palin/NRA view is to remove all restrictions on gun ownership and hope the issue of gun violence takes care of itself.

    Palin's approach to drilling would open up ANWAR and speed up drilling faster than even the oil companies want. She's "taken on the oil companies" only to the extent that she's demanded a bigger piece of the profit once she hands over the land. While Americans in a time of high gas prices have been led to believe that drilling will alleviate their pain at the pump (something that most experts agree is unlikely), they also are eager to give up the dependence on oil. Palin's approach to energy issues is more of the same, at a time when Americans are looking for leadership and innovation.

    Polls I've seen suggest that Americans do not support discrimination against gays, and view civil unions favorably. Both MA and CA have passed laws allowing civil unions without social disruption. Palin's rejects not just same sex marriage, but any civil recognition of same sex couples. I submit this is an extremist view that is outside the trend of American thought on the issue.

    Sarah Palin is opposed to abortions in all instances, including rape and incest (and, I presume, the health of the mother). That certainly does place her outside the mainstream of American opinion, well outside the mainstream.

    Creationism as "science" has been rejected by the scientific community, the courts and communities around the country. While evangelicals still want to supplant science with religion, the opinion is one that's been declared unconstitutional on multiple occasions and, outside evangelical communities, is not popular.

    If you really believe that mainstream American opinion is radically anti-abortion, anti-science, strongly anti-gay, pro-big oil, and pro-automatic weapons near our schools, I suggest that you're swallowing the conservative line hook and sinker.

    Americans are, in fact, in favor of abortion rights while wanting to reduce unwanted pregnancies, in favor of keeping religion out of science education, are increasingly open to gay rights, are suspicious of oil companies and want to reduce our dependence on oil, and want to reduce urban violence through reasonable controls on weapons without taking away rights to gun ownership.

    Palin's views reflect an extreme right-leaning position on all these issues, and it absolutely benefits us to highlight that fact.

  • You mean, a woman who's trying to do "extreme hard-right" by the country.

    Behind her fresh face is an extremism that's outside the mainstream of America. It'll be exposed in time, and McCain's "moderate" image will implode. Watch indies and moderate republicans flock to the Democratic ticket.

  • Any details on that?

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    No, I won't let it.
    Yes, I am, because I need to.
    Yes, pretty much.
    Not really, but what the hell, it amuses me.
    No, I don't really care.
    Yes, my words are pretty to read.
    Propping up my self-esteem by acting important on a blog.


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