• Tomorrow's debate is more significant for McCain than for Obama. If Palin acquits herself with a minimum of embarassment, the dynamics won't change much. Theings could tighten a bit in the immediate aftermath, but the trend toward Obama will continue even with a good performance by Palin. However, if she bombs, there could be a massive shift away from the GOP ticket.

    Basically, if Palin does well, McCain will still be behind, with little significant movement. If she doesn't, McCain is toast. They're in a no-win situation.

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    I can't wait to hear the McCain camp spin this like they tried this morning. It's gonna be painful.

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    It started this morning. Someone apparetnly stocked up the basement with a case of Mountain Dew and ten family size bags of Doritos, and has been on a tear all day. I imagine they think it's the wingnut version of World of Warcraft. In any case, my entire comment history is polluted with troll droppings now. Ick.

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    Apparently, he's targeting me for having uprated you. It's easy enough to figure out which drawer these socks are coming from. I'm more than a little annoyed that the admins can't deal with such an obvious attack on the site's integrity.

    The goal is to cripple site moderation in order enable more disruptive and trollish commentary. You'd think Jerome, et al, would want to discourage that.

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    I could use some help, too. I've apparently landed on the sockpuppet hitlist.

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    He did the same thing to me. I rescued your comments out of HC this morning, and he responded by zapping most of my comment history. I see those ratings were removed from your history; unfortunately, I think all of his droppings remain on mine.

    It was the crew of taleofwoe/reebus/lemon716/Stsomethingoro ther/and a few more that were uprating a new account, got TU for it, and then went after you and me. I sent Todd a note about it. Glad to see you got rescued. I hope those clowns are now officially toast, but somehow, I doubt it.

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    Looks better than what they started with. Unfortunately, it's still closer to that starting point than I think most of us would have liked. I haven't been convinced that doing nothing is a wise move, but I'm going to wait and see how the economists respond to this compromise.

    Nancy has a penchant for stupid announcements. She really is an old school pol, trying to make a headline statement whenever she can.

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    If announcing the presidential campaign of Sarah Palin 2012 is the ace up their sleeve, I'm not worried.

    Right now, a good number of republicans are in deep denial about the prospect of Sarah Palin as leader of the free world. Were McCain to announce that, by voting for him, they'd get to vote for her in 4 years... I can't see how that's going to convince many. Granted, conservative pundits are already floating the idea that "she just needs four years in Washington to get ready," but I think the idea is going to rightly scare away a lot of swing voters who know the stakes are high right now, that McCain might not make it even that long, and that even four years of cramming won't make Palin presidential caliber.

  • Considering how much he's been shooting himself in the foot, suspending his campaign was the only way to stop the bleeding.

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    In McCain World, none of this negative campaigning would have happened if only Obama had agreed to those town halls. It was totally out of his control. He really had nothing to do with it and he's really sorry that all this negativity is Obama's fault.

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    Best analysis on the net.

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    Tim Wise's writing deserves its own link: http://www.redroom.com/blog/tim-wise/thi s-your-nation-white-privilege

    Instead of copying and pasting his work, why not excerpt it, and link to the rest. His site deserves the traffic. Not to mention, of course, the copyright issues ( http://www.redroom.com/copyright-and-int ellectual-property-policy ) involved.

    If you respect the writing, respect the writer.

  • A more relevant question might be: why is she at a Democratic site shilling for the McCain/Palin ticket? A sincere discussion of contemporary feminism this is not, nor was it intended to be. It's just sand in the eyes.

  • for a person with politically "left wing" opinions to support the Palin/McCain ticket, which you are clearly doing, for their politics.

    To quote Hillary Clinton: No way. No how.

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    The Obama campaign has known for a long time that CO would be the key this year. It's one reason the convention was held in Denver.

    The McCain camp came to the realization late, but it's what probably led them to choose Sarah Palin as VP: her religious fanaticism was expected to energize the Colorado Springs fundamentalists, while her "rugged individualism" was meant to play along the Divide.

    It's probably worked to the extent that he's keeping CO close now after trailing for a long time. But as the shine wears off Palin image and the McCain mystique fades a bit, I expect the Obama ground game, unleased from that stadium in Denver, will bring the state home in November. They'll have to work hard, though.


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