• There's a show on the Sci-fi channel called "Ghost Hunters" where these two guys supposedly record ghostly voices on their digital devices, even when nothing is heard at the time. They'll play something that sounds like "ahhnunnnnnnglmmmmmnoooooow" and declare "that's definitely 'I'm hungry leave now' or something close." Then they play it back, this time with the words printed on the screen, and sure enough, this time I hear "I'm hungry leave now" where before all I heard was "ahhnunnnnnnglmmmmmnoooooow." Amazing.

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    Took one of his classes in college. Changed my life forever. Thanks, Howie.

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    That's a misunderstatement. Or, at least, a very polite one.

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    I'm pretty sure that everyone on the left is aware of Powell's complicity in the false pretenses that led us to war. He's also on record regretting his use of bad intelligence, and there've been reports of numerous clashes between Powell and the administration over Iraq policy.

    Powell's a complex figure. He's admired by both republicans and democrats. His service under both Clinton and Bush has given him a non-partisan (or bi-partisan) character. He's seen by some as more of a reluctant warrior who did what he could in a dysfunctional environment. His ethical failure at the U.N. is undeniable, and nobody's rewriting it or washing over it. But he's earned enough respect, perhaps, to allow some to acknowledge an act of atonement, or otherwise be grateful for the weight of an endorsement that matters to important segments of the electorate. His statements regarding both Obama and McCain also eloquently expressed rather progressive positions, for which we can also be glad to hear coming from a truly respected republican.

    Did Powell's ethical lapses in 2003 mean he's untrustworthy now? Or that his contribution to Obama's election chances should be downplayed or dismissed because of them? Should we be muddying the waters to such an extent now when there is such a clear advantage for our candidate in receiving this endorsement?

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    I'm seeing the word "socialist" pop up more and more on letters pages and in commentary from the right. It's the new McCain mantra. Watch how "Obama" and "socialism" are going to appear less than a breath apart in every mention of one or the other.

    I figure it's meant to keep the base fired up and frothing at the mouth, and to keep the underinformed moderate conservatives just plain confused for the next two weeks, while they throw as much racist innuendo as they think they can get away with. The sight of a failed movement and a corrupt ideology in its last throes is not going to be pretty.

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    I don't have the same respect. I think she let the celebrity of blogging and the access to Hillary it afforded her go to her head. She left MyDD for the same reasons she left DKos: she couldn't back up her claims or defend her statements. But she loved the spotlight and attention so much that she set up her own soapbox and gave republicans, racists, and miscreants a place to gather to tear down the Democratic nominee while twisting the minds of the honest Hillary supporters she claimed to speak for.  

    I don't let her off the hook for that. There were genuinely hurt feelings after the primary, and there were people who really needed healing. What Alegre did is escort them into a room with dishonest manipulative hacks who had no interest in helping them heal, but instead would lay into them with knives and scalpels for even suggesting that they wanted to.

    At this point, I think, anyone with a real conscience has finally recoiled and left, and pretty much the only ones remaining are the coterie I mention above, churning in an urn of their own filth. And that's Alegre's audience now, and her sole means of support. It's sad, but I don't offer my sympathy.

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    Wow. Reading Dave's body language alone tells you all you need to know. The tone of his voice, the way it trails and drops, tells you more.

    Meanwhile, McCain's constant shifting in his seat, the pale attempts at humor, the creepy laugh, the robotic talking points.... just made him seem even less appealing than the night before.

    Something tell's me Dave's not done with him yet. He's going to have the "Sarah Palin Clock" going at every monologue.

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    At this point, the puma "movement" consists of a couple dozen republicans, dixiecrats, and psychologically unstable obsessives whose purpose is to support and validate each other's delusional thinking and destructive agendas. Their websites have only a passing interest in Hillary Clinton and her policies, and are more dedicated to promoting McCain/Palin and destroying Obama in front of their tiny audience. They've allied themselves with the republican opposition, and are no longer associated with real Democratic politics and ideas or the issues that matter to progressives. They'll try to convince you otherwise, but their transparency gives them away.

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    Anyone who votes for John McCain is not a supporter of Hillary Clinton. She's made her position clear:

    No way, no how, no McCain/Palin.

    You either support her, or you don't. Voting for McCain is the ultimate act of disrespect for Hillary Clinton and the ideals for which she advocates. Anyone who can't acknowledge that is delusional, or simply a hypocrite.

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    That's exactly what Pat Buchanan's been saying! "McCain would be running away with this if the stock market hadn't tumbled" he says, every night.

    Some minds think alike, huh?

  • It's the same line Pat Buchanan's been spewing every time he opens his mouth: "McCain was winning this race until the market tumbled, and that's the only reason he's losing now."

    Standard right wing talking point.

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    Best. Thread. Ever. Well done, all!

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    I'm sure it's been referenced already today, but this article deserves to make more rounds. It's already the NYT's number one e-mailed article today: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/05/weekin review/05schwartz.html?em

    The money quote:
    "It's just incredible -- the nerve! -- to suggest that he's not part of that Republican herd.... He's a Republican," she [Terrellita Maverick] said. "He's branded."

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    Evidence? There is none.

    On the contrary, if anything, this debate was a demonstration of what someone sounds like who's memorized whole blocks of text and recites them no matter the context.

  • I think that's been his goal from the day he entered the race.


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