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    Most of the good writers here left quite a while ago. There are a few remaining, but many of them are simply cross-posting here from other, better blogs.

    Maybe this site can emerge from the ashes, but it's been in an identity crisis since the primaries. To see three and four day old diaries on the recent list just shows how little participation there is anymore.

    What was sown is now being reaped, it appears.

  • The team he's built to get us out of Iraq is one which will be politically unassailable, precisely because of their former support for the war. They're not going to be vulnerable to attacks frm the right. Nobody is going to accuse them of being "soft on terror."

    He's handing a team of hawks the olive branch and given them a mission of peace. That seems to me to be exactly the politically effective way to achieve his goals. Nobody will question his toughness, and nobody will wonder who is in charge.

    People who criticize Obama's national security team as not being "progressive enough" underestimate Obama's political will as well as his current political strength. He seems to be utterly confident of where he stands and where he wants the country to go... and anyone paying attention understand where that is. He's simply putting in place the smartest and most politically powerful team to it.

    Even though it's not perfection (what is?), I find it all pretty exhilerating.

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    If I could rec this, I would. It's a big world out there, and things are not looking good. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Did Alegre shut her site down or something? It seems like the poomas have returned en masse lately, and even the most entertainingly delusional ones are posting with impunity.

    I apparently had my rating ability pulled for no reason. I wonder if others did to, to make it safe for his friends to return.

  • as if it's a bad thing. ;)

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    I didn't realize that people took cabinet positions out of a desire for a "prestige" appointment and/or to function as a symbol to fulfill some kind of quota. I thought they served their country and worked at the pleasure of the president in whatever capacity they could and in whatever area they could best contribute.

    But this diary does quote a lot of Latinos describing how insulted they are, so I guess the diarist is really onto something here.

  • Younger evangelicals are more drawn to the key moral issues of the 21st century -- poverty and the environment -- than they are to the culture wars of the last one -- reproductive and gay rights. As long as there are enough old warriors, these are still tough battles. But that generation is being outnumbered by a new generation with different demographics and different priorities.

    Obama has been brilliant in his framing of faith issues, appealing to younger people of a variety of faiths as well as evangelicals -- not necessarily to win their vote this time, but to speak a language and address concerns that transcend party affiliation. His goal is to produce effective alliances in the short term -- and in the long term, perhaps bring some of those voters into the Democratic camp.

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    I hear that Gene Schulter has thrown his hat in the ring. I really had him pegged as 47th ward alderman for life, but I guess he's more ambitious after all.

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    I've enjoyed and appreciated your contributions here. It helped produce the kinds of dialogue that kept us engaged, focused, and determined to win this election.

    Some twenty-odd years ago, a great old Two-Tone band sang "this is the dawning of a new era." Well, the sun's finally come up. Enjoy it!

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    McCain is getting crushed in the national polls, but there are a few places where the state polling is showing slight drift. It's not nearly enough to offer any real hope of winning, but it's enough for Salter to justify his own existence (not to mention his paycheck) so he's taking it to the right-wing outlets and milking it for all it's worth.

    And that ain't much.

  • Serioiusly, part of me feels sorry that you're in such pain. But the rest of me has no pity for you. There are far more healthy ways to deal with what you're going through, and you choose instead to merely pour salt into your wounds and display them to the virtual world.

    You're only doing yourself lasting damage, and whatever your agenda may be, this will not advance it.

  • It must really be exhausting and painful to live with so much hatred and bitterness that he feels the need to share it with anonymous strangers all over the internet.

    This election season, as remarkable as it's been in so many ways, has left a field of casualties: psychologically and emotionally damaged people for whom the internet has become an enabler of their obsessions and an outlet for their anger.

    It's also an early view of the venom Obama will be up against for the next four years -- the same kind of hatred that Clinton had to deal with his entire time in office. It's excruciatingly ironic, isn't it?

  • Actually, it looks like someone got TU and has been on a spraying zeroes on every Obama supporter on the site, in several diaries. Pretty childish.

  • I'd like to know who went through my comment history and trolled my last twenty comments. I'm guessing it's one of our recent PUMA visitors, or a sockpuppet. They're regressing and acting out a lot in these last days.

    Nice diary, btw.

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    Weather looks to be fair and mild right through election night. It's going to be a great party in Grant Park.


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