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    I'm pro plaintiff's rights so I agree his career is admirable. He DID win ruby red North Carolina, but he certainly would have lost reelection if he ran for a second term. Also, Edwards did nothing to boost the Kerry ticket four years ago. I don't think he helped at all really. Finally, I don't think it took a lot of political daring for him to support Lamont when he (a) didn't have to work with Lieberman in the Senate and (b) was basically already running a democratic primary race for president.

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    He makes a good point about right wingers bashing military officials when it's convenient. For the most part though.. he's not really speaking for me either. Defending the MoveOn advertisement is a waste of energy. Let it go please.

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    What party "principles" are we standing up for by sticking by some poorly executed advertisement? I really don't get it. It'd be one thing if it was a partisan issue that HELPED the Democratic Party, but this is a partisan issue that makes us look bad. I don't get it. Did I mention I don't get it?

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    I like Hillary and all... I'm probably leaning towards her more than any other candidate... but how the hell did she "stand her ground?" What principles did she stand up for by voting against this dopey resolution/amendment? Who stands to benefit? Seriously -- I don't get it at all.

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    I'm not sure that's such a bad idea at this point. Maybe one per week?

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    I disagree. It's clear the Dem leadership "gets it." But how exactly do you propose Reid and Co. "stand up, fight back, show leadership"?? Engaging in more all night filibusters? Try and charm Leiberman? There just don't seem to be very many options. One of the networks reported earlier that Reid pleaded with Larry Craig at the last second in a long shot attempt at getting the Webb bill passed. So... it seems as though he's at least trying to work with the nonmajority majority(and thinking outside of the box).

    That being said, I agree that it's frustrating there's more troops in Iraq now than when Congress switched over.

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    A number of the posters have questioned why Reid even let this come to a vote. Does anyone have an answer and/or can explain the leadership's power to block such votes?

    Secondly, Obama made the right move. Why dignify the manufactured "controversy"?

    Third, the ad was ineffective and corny. Who the hell at MoveOn.org gave this the green light? Petraeus sounds like "betray us"... get it???!!! Lame.

  • i agree. the chain of logic doesn't make sense at all. hillary gains nothing out of susan estrich reminding people that Elizabeth isn't "perfectly thin."

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    ...you've got to think he's gone over this explanation with his attorneys over the past couple of weeks and decided that this was a viable "explanation" that a jury might actually buy into.

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    Erika Bolstad used to write for the Miami Herald. How do you go from the Miami Herald to the Alaska Daily News?? Unless they're the same paper and Erika's in the Washington Bureau. Err... both McClatchy papers.. i see.. that makes more sense. Sorry.

  • I wouldn't exactly call the Dems gutless for not wanting to expend all of their political muscle in pushing what would ultimately be an unsuccessful Bush/Cheney impeachment. Have their been impeachable offenses? I think so. But, there's clear evidence of lying to Congress w/ Gonzo - so it's a much easier sell. That being said, I still have the concerns that I voiced a couple of comments above.

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    The Dems shouldn't have trouble passing articles of impeaching against Gonzo in the House. I'm a bit concerned, however, about another high profile minority in the White House taking the fall for trying to protect Bush. I think if the Dems really move forwad on this... they need to make it clear that while Gonzo deserves whatever punishment he gets... he's just another Bush crony falling on the sword.

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    Franken's definitely being underrated, although I'm sure Coleman is taking him seriously. Franken can raise money.. and he's against the war... that's might be all you need to win.

  • ...excuse me... hate Israel/love terrorists!

  • Exactly.... is that the reputation they're going after??? Right wing smut?? How difficult is it to label something "EDITORIAL" or "COMMENTARY"? And how difficult is it to find legitimate commmentary about the Dems beyond the assertion that they don't believe in God and therefore hate Israel?


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