ALERT!!! Obama DOWN in Minnesota!!! rt.aspx?g=0782fede-2757-4c86-9479-f84f02 afc9fb

John McCain 47%
Barack Obama 46%

Obama wins Youth and Seniors, McCain everyone else.  How in the world is it possible for Minnesota to be going red when NC is going blue?

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McCain Gets A Bounce From Obama Selecting Biden - Rasmussen & Gallup

This is not a concern troll diary, I am 100% behind Obama and have been for a while.  However todays Rasmussen tracker is seriously worrying me.

It went from

Obama +3



From yesterday to today, suggesting McCain got a big bump coming out of the weekend.  This is horrible news considering Obama announced his VP to some pretty good press.  Is this just PUMA's moving even further away due to Hillary not being picked, or did Obama just make huge mistake in this selection?


Update - McCain is now UP 2 in Gallup's tracking. I think now it is time to panic.

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Fox News Claims Obama Is Cutting Back On Advertising

Fox News just claimed Obama has pulled all ads from South Dakota, Montana, Florida and Virginia.

Is this true?  I didn't even think they had targeted South Dakota, only North Dakota.

Sorry for the short diary, but i had not heard this before.

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Wowzas! Obama Sinking FAST in Swing State Polls!!!

Here they are directly from The Page...


Quinnipiac University/ Street Journal polls:
Colorado: Obama 49, McCain 44
Michigan: Obama 48, McCain 42
Minnesota: Obama 54, McCain 37
Wisconsin: Obama 52, McCain 39

Dates conducted: June 17-24. Error margin: 2.5 -2.7 points.

Will add more info as soon as we get it.

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Maybe Hillary Should Ask Bill When The 92 Campaign Effectively Ended...

Interesting info from My Life here via Political Wire from Nat

Despite Sen. Hillary Clinton's insistence that her husband didn't clinch the Democratic presidential nomination until June 1992, Bill Clinton had a very different recollection in his own memoir, My Life.

He writes: "On April 7, we also won in Kansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. On April 9, Paul Tsongas announced that he would not reenter the race. The fight for the nomination was effectively over." 5/26/when_was_the_1992_presidential_race _over.html


One must wonder about the intellectual honesty of Hillary's statement about June and 1992, especially when her husband has said things like this in a book.

But i can already forsee the spin.  Perhaps Hillary meant the race was not over, because voting was not over.  Even though the math did not add up then either, like now, perhaps that is the spin?


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Obama Up Big In Ohio - SUSA

SUSA has polled a bunch of VP matchups and a straight generic Obama McCain matchup in Ohio and Obama comes out the huge winner! 05/23/ohio-vp-matchups/

Obama is up +8 in a straight matchup, and wins virtually every battle with VPs included.

Looks like great numbers for Obama in Ohio!!!!

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Edwards To Endorse Obama? -to-choose/

No link or info, but Halperin would not post this without knowing something i think.

Anyone have any more info or rumors at least?

Sorry for low info, just trying to see whats going on here.

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Huge Endorsement For Obama! More Super Help!!!

A California congresswoman with long ties to both Clintons will announce her endorsement of Barack Obama today, a campaign source said.

Rep. Lois Capps, who represents a district on California's central coast, is the third member of Congress to announce an endorsement of Senator Obama Wednesday, the day after he responded sharply to one of the deepest crises of his campaign, a confrontational and, he said, "appalling" set of remarks by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The campaign is using the flurry of endorsements to shore up political support and demonstrate the frontrunner's continuing strength.


The tide has been stemed and Senator Obama is clearly on the victory path.  He will continue to roll out major superdelegates like this all the way until Denver if he has to, but hopefully it does not come to that.

Excellent day for Supers!!!

Obama - 3
Clinton - 2

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We Have A Barn Burner!!! PPP - Obama 49 Clinton 46 PP_Release_042108.pdf

PPP Has Senator Obama up 49-46!!!

Combine this with SUSA only having Clinton up 50-44, the most reliable pollsters have this race as a toss up!!!


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Were These Same People Saying Bill Clinton Could Not Win In 1992?

So Hillary supporters and Republicans keep telling us Senator Obama can't win.  They say Wright will kill him with whites.  They say "Bitter" will kill him in swing states.  They say the elitism will kill him everywhere.  They say being black will hurt him.  They say his outspoken wife will harm his candidacy.  These things go on and on.  So i wonder if these are the same people who spewed the right wing talking points in 1992.

They claimed Bill Clinton could not win because he cheated on his wife multiple times and would keep getting caught.  They claimed Watergate would destroy him.  They claimed he was inexperienced.  They claimed he smoked his youth away with pot.  They said he was a draft dodger who would not get a single military vote.  It went on and on.

So i wonder if the Hillary supporters who say these things are old Republicans or are they Democrats who simply forgot about 1992.  


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