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    I'm really happy at the selection of Dean.  He is energetic, imaginative, supersmart, and articulate.  The best possible choice we could have made, and I think the results will show in 2006.
  • And don't forget that authority for Iraq was taken away from Rumsfeld and given to Rice.  This mess is her baby, too.
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    Remember that Kerry campaigned on a promise of increased taxes; just for the top 1% or whatever, but raised taxes nonetheless.  Given this, and the intrinsic difficulty of beating an incumbent, and I think he did pretty well.  Skeptical of him a year ago, I grew to like and admire him.
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    My sense is that what she would need from Bush II second term is: a global economic meltdown triggered by crisis of confidence in American economy; a healthcare crisis in which another 5-10 million Americans lose healthcare; SS "reforms" in which benefits are cut for some; tax "reform" which results in further shift of burden to middle class, etc.  Then she might look good.
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    It is bad enough that they pollute our politics; they also have their hands in our pockets.  I live in a state, NJ, that only gets back about 75-80 cents in Federal largess for every $ in taxes. This goes to subsidize red state parasitism.  We have to begin a movement to equalize benefits and payments among all the states. Farm subsidies are one thing.
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    A lot of Republicans have been holding fire on Iraq and the budget because of the election.  Now, given that Bush will start to fade into history in about two years, they will start to come out into open opposition.  I figure we have to endure about two years of him, probably a roller-coaster ride, but am sure the second term will be a miserable failure for him.
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    I just offer the fact that I have voted in every election since 1968, in either CT or NJ.  In these states the registration process is convenient and reliable, poll locations and sample ballot are mailed to voter before elections, there are plenty of machines, poll workers, and no long lines, and the mechanical machines are accurate.  All this happens because these states want all citizens to vote.

    States like Ohio and Florida, which are sloppy and careless about all of the above, are disenfranchising the voters in those states that run clean processes.  I personally believe that in the provisional ballots and discarded punch card ballots in Ohio there could be evidence of a Kerry victory.  Either Ohio, et. al. clean up their act or be disqualified from participating in the future.  I really wish the NAACP or some other organization would pursue this further in court.

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    Bush claims to have a mandate to reform the tax code and entitlements, but to my knowledge, he never mentioned the tax code in the campaign and never was willing to bring up the inconvenient details about how he would go about reforming the latter.  So how can he claim a mandate for issues that were not really discussed for the voters?
  • I would like to see litigation to publicly air the Republican effort there to suppress turnout.
    Undoubtedly there is some very embarrassing evidence.  The American public and the world should know what the Bush victory was based on, even if the probability of overturning is small.  And if it is a matter of forcing the Supreme Court to go 5-4 again to prevent this, so be it.

    In the meantime, we go to work, and watch the Iraq war destroy what is left (perhaps two years) of this presidency.


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