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    during his and Condi's recent European tours to convince people that a new, multilateralist leaf has been turned, why demolish all good feeling in an instant by doing this?
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    We see people like Bolton and Negroponte recycled mainly because the Republican bench is so thin, more than ideology.  You keep a hack joke like John Snow in office because you can't get anyone reputable to do the job.  The Republican Party is running on empty in terms of new talent.
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    Dear Senator Lieberman

    I do not understand why, at a time when the government is running $500 billion deficits, the national debt is ballooning, and the US $ is falling in currency markets, you give such priority to solving an imaginary crisis in Social Security that will not even theoretically occur for another forty years.

    Given the abdication of fiscal responsibility by the Republican Party, the top priority for Democrats and responsible Republicans should be adjustments in upper bracket tax rates to bring government spending and revenue into balance.

  • Reid has rightly insisted on Bush's abandonment of private accounts as a price for coming to the table.

    I would go further: suspension of all future Bush tax cuts and repeal of those for the highest earners in the interest of balancing the budge and alleviating the pressure on entitlement programs.  If he does not want to play, than he has to live with having his nose rubbed in it.

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    The American people quite clearly perceive that this is not a problem that needs to be taken care of this year.  The Dems are right to oppose SS reform, and should try to change the subject to the real problem-Bush's tax cuts and fiscal recklessness.
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    is the same thing that is wrong with Kansas.
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    wish he would appreciate the way our own democracy is being debased at home by his anti-democratic party.  And he is kidding himself if he thinks democracy is going to lead to a reduced terror threat, as Richard Clarke has pointed out recently in NYT.
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    These shrill, unhinged attacks on dissenters are a symptom of Fascism, as Orcinus discusses today.  When are the Corzines and Krugmans going to say the word that is on all our minds?
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    Presumably this is an example of Bush's superior democracy at work.
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    an IRS audit of the AARP announced soon.
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    What is encouraging about the Republicans mentioned is that none of them have:

    The shitkicker "authenticity" that, while inexplicable to us, many foolish people in red zone America thought Bush had.

    The phony religious piety that allowed Bush to bamboozle the evangelicals and win their loyalty.

    Does anyone really think the tolerant, cosmopolitan, adulterous Giuliana is going to play in red zone America?  And the aura of 9/11 will have further faded in 2008.

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    Despite all this, Friedman seems to think it is "Baghdad Spring" in the Middle East.
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    Note the article in the NYT Sunday (business section) in which it is noted that pension funds are starting to become disillusioned with over-reliance on investing in stocks, and are moving assets out.  So why should be doing just the opposite in Social Security?
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    for Negroponte to assume responsibility for catching all terrorists, since he, as a major architect of the Iraq war that turned Iraq into a terrorist assembly line, is responsible for generating so many new ones.
  • This confirms my belief that Frist (and Bush) simply do not think things through.  Senate comity and bipartisanship are important to Social Security legislation, and if you piss the Dems off and cause them to bring Senate business to a stop, you say goodbye to your major domestic invitiative.  All for the sake of 10 extremist, yahoo judges when you have gotten your way 98% of the time.


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