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    In fact, the S&P pronouncement was political, probably done at the behest of John Boehner to give him a little more leverage with Obama.

  • as California Anthem was to healthcare reform and Goldman Sachs was to financial reform.  Surely this disgusting spill is going to open the eyes of carbon fuel troglodytes to the need to go green?

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    is the latest in "I'm gonna take my marbles and go home" Republican infantilism.  He's upset because he knows this is going to drive away what few deluded Hispanics are sticking with his party.

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    Goldman Sachs hires to defend themselves, and how brilliantly they execute their legal strategies, they have the problem that their actions simply do not pass the smell test with ordinary Americans.  Looking at the letters to the editor in the NYT today, and listening to the callers to the Warren Olney NPR program last night, it is clear GS has zero sympathy in the nation.

    We read that GS employees are "rallying" to defend Blankfein, but frankly, if I were given a bonus of $750,000k on average I would defend him, too.


  • when the news background is going to be full of talk about Goldman Sachs treachery, lawsuits against it by other banks, and possibly more such indictments?  Just a damn, damn shame Senate rules do not permit a real, physical filibuster.

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    Bicycling past an ITT defense plant in NJ yesterday, I saw a shocking display of Teabagger nativism and ugliness.  Pickets displaying the offensive Obama sign were carrying signs calling for the removal of all "Asian" H1B work visa holders from the country.

    Their racism is expanding beyond black to include Orientals and Asian Indians.  Is this an emerging them for them?


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    has escaped this.  All he ever does is hover behind McConnell and Kyl, looking glum and concerned.

    That the 2012 Republican prospects are such losers is the only thing giving me some hope in these dark days.


  • Haven't the Tories gone totally green?  They seem like a fairly innocuous bunch who would probably be classified as liberal moderates here.

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    Before proceeding with the HCR roadmap, Obama should ask for an hour of TV time to explain to the American people facts like these, and why they are a major reason he and the Democrats are plowing ahead.

    Given the importance of blocking HCR to Republican prospects, you may be inclined to think we tolerate mass, preventable death in order that Republicans may live.


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    and therefore suspect that the openness of Nelson, Landrieu, et. al. to reconciliation must mean they think the likelihood they will have to put their money where their mouths are is very small.  They must be sure the House will balk, making Senate action academic.

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    who is out of his depth in the Senate.  I assume the folks back in Mass. are watching.

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    because it suggests the Federal Reserve thinks the financial system is healthy enough to start returning to normalcy.  When they start to raise the Fed. Funds rate, that will start to bite into bank profits derived from the "carry trade", which is just public charity.

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    who sounds a lot like a Teabugger has flown his airplane into a building housing the IRS in Austin, Texas, today.

    Sooner or later one of these people will do or say something that will start to sour the nation on the looney bin right, just as happended with Oklahoma City in '95.


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    I fail to understand why the taxpayer has to be exposed here.  Why can't the vaunted free enterprise system handle this all by itself, without government involvement aside from safety issues?  Why the corporate welfare?

  • I don't suppose anyone was so rude as to raise the question of why Cheney and Bush let Osama escape from Tora Bora when we had him trapped?

    Or whether the major offensive now underway to take Helmand Province away from the Taliban doesn't indicate some seriousness about terrorism?


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