• No Caroline's people, I think MSNBC is probably reporting what they are hearing.

    Here's the way this works, you don't have multiple papers all run the same story citing sources without at least the Times calling the campaign for comment. That is when you say it is BS if it is BS.

    Having a "Kennedy family source" deny it hours after the fact means it looks like she is trying to get back in the race and in a way even worse than her last effort.

    Inept, total chaos. If it already wasn't abundantly clear she lacks any political skills, it should be now.

  • Somebody looks inept:

    However, a Kennedy family source told NBC News' David Gregory that Caroline Kennedy had not withdrawn. Two sources hinted to NBC News that there may have been a miscommunication between Kennedy and Paterson's office.


    First they couldn't get their stories straight on why she was withdrawing and now they can't get their stories straight on if she is withdrawing?

  • If she says she's trying again after all then she will have set a new record of ineptitude in her senate bid. Getting out looked bad enough, but getting back in would be far from a moot point.

  • But she would be viewed as a Bloomberger.

    The longer Patterson waited, the less inevitable Caroline looked. And the more negative stuff came out.

  • High intelligence?
    Not politically as demonstrated by her ham-handed surfacing.

    Moral fiber?
    She was AWOL during Bush and now this? We have two members of our caucus who have had brian surgery, her uncle shows up to vote with a brain tumor and her official statement is she can't serve because of a sick relative?

  • While Patterson did dick around way too long, it may have been the only way to keep Bloomberg from forcing him to waste the pick on Caroline.

  • With her leadership on saving face.

    And I wouldn't mind seeing her run in 2010 (next time it is up), but being gifted for no reason is just stupid.

    Beyond name, she only had fundraising. And if she had any political skills she would have raised lasting government revenue for NYC schools, not big checks for Bloomberg photo-ops.

    Today is a great deal, the type of entitlement reform we need.

  • As Todd pointed out, that line wasn't in his prepared remarks, it wasn't the plan. (BTW, the text was emailed as an attachment? He really did instantly take the DNC back a few cycles)

    Kaine had his plan and he is the product of the worst of targeting and fighting against the 50-State Strategy (remember, in his last week Terry McAuliffe cleaned out the DNC bank account for Kaine to fuck over Dean and demonstrate overwhelming targeting). So Kaine had his plan. It leaked. Kaine (rightly) looked like an idiot. So he added a new line to his speech.

    Don't judge his words as I don't think he has any clue as the the why behind the 50-state strategy. Focus on how he isn't giving money to the state parties to hire back the organizers.

    This is a sad day for the DNC.

  • While having good people running homeland security is important, I don't see how anyone involved in keeping Joe Lieberman as head of the committee can claim that is their goal. So from a policy perspective, the mere fact Lieberman created DHS and is still in charge of oversight means that no matter how good the choice, it can never be called good policy.

    And the politics suck. Instead of forcing McCain into retirement and opening up a couple of congressional seats in the dash for the GOP nomination (see NM, 2008), we lost a great Governor (who was elected on clean money) and we brought a new wingnut into secstate.

    Just awful, all around.

  • comment on a post Could Clinton or Edwards have beaten Obama in Iowa? over 5 years ago

    First, really great piece!

    I think admitting Iraq was a mistake would have made a difference if not by itself, but by what it would have reflected about the thinking inside the campaign. It would have signaled a rejection of the DLC hawkishness and an embrace of the reality based community; a humble ask for forgiveness instead of a forced air of inevitability.

    I think most of the ridiculousness we saw from Clinton's campaign after she lost but insisted on staying in was the inevitable conclusion of a campaign so detached from reality.

    Also, I believe the name Mark Penn belongs in any such piece.

    As for Edwards, I'm still not at the point where I even want to consider the possibility he would have become the nominee.

  • It will also be interesting to see if MoveOn and/or DFA get involved as there is a huge potential volunteer base near the district.

  • comment on a post IL-05: The Maturation of ActBlue Can Not Be Denied over 5 years ago

    $86,405,629 raised in less than five years is a pretty impressive number for ActBlue.

  • comment on a post With Bigger Numbers, Senate Dems Roll Coburn over 5 years ago

    He didn't screw up this time. I don't get why he is so unpopular at home and despised by active Democrats nationwide.

  • And I suspect if Ryan runs he'll run like he has nothing to lose (which might be true as I can imagine him enjoying teaching high school civics and coaching as much as being in DC).

  • He partnered with BlogPAC to use his list to raise money for Jim Martin last Veterans Day, haven't talked with him since.

    I'd like to see him take another look at Jean Schmidt. Vic Wulsin didn't run the most stellar campaign but kept Mean Jean under 50%. If Hackett runs, it will give him a great excuse to be out on the stump with his buddy Ryan in southern Ohio which would be great for both of them.


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