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    I've heard the theory she is actually quite progressive but was micromanaged by Emanuel.

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    Yeah, Gawker has been all over this.

    But you didn't see the NY Post writing:

    A source close to Governor Patterson, speaking only on the condition of anonymity, suggested the Post, "Ask little Arthur Sulzerger why Kennedy won't serve as US Senator."

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    The Bloomberg/Lieberman consultant strategy of strong-arming inevitability had the expected backlash. When people feel resentment, they don't go out of their way to let the offender save face.

    I'm just surprised they didn't work in the name "Arthur Sulzberger, Jr" behind a blind quote.

  • With McCarthy running her single issue take away rights campaign, you have two women which opens it up for a downstate progressive which blows it wide open.

  • After the GOP finally proved to the country they hate the Bill of Rights, the last thing Democrats need is a single issue primary against the 2nd Amendment.

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    Murkowski voted for it hoping the favor will be returned when she introduces her Nepotism Equality Bill.

  • Indeed. Which she was so counterproductive, which makes progressives whining that she wasn't bequeathed look foolish as she blundered so badly she only hurt her cause.

  • I agree. I don't see why we can't have an appointee with some meritocracy and a proud progressive who is forward looking when it comes to style of politics.

    But I will still judge on all three axis, not just left/right.

    And in marquee races (of which this is not and will not be outside of the primary), I'm up for giving special consideration to candidates who can effectively frame the national debate.

  • You are only looking at the left/right axis. There is also the top/down axis and the forward/backwards axis by which Democrats should judge Democrats in a primary.

    And speaking of primaries, hopefully we will have one. And speaking of Democrats, damn do our Governors suck at appointing senators.

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    Great choice if NY were as conservative as her district. But it leaves a lot to be desired considering it isn't.

  • Unfortunately, Kaine is actually one of the biggest examples of excessive targeting as Terry McAuliffe's final action as Chair was to empty the DNC bank account and sent it to Kaine. He is actually the example of only focusing on the next race instead of on party building. And the fact that the other part of McAuliffe's move was to screw over Dean and the 50-State Strategy is no small coincidence.

  • But if Obama cares about the long-term building of the party that means that Organizing for America may end up doing the DNC's job and the DNC doing OfA 2.0's job. Which is kinda backwards, but with only Kaine (and half-time at that) it might work out better.

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    Actions speak louder than words:

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Gov. Timothy M. Kaine ruled out serving a new Democratic White House as chairman of the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday.

    Speculation about Kaine heading the party began after DNC Chairman Howard Dean announced Monday he will step down in January.

    Kaine said at a news conference Obama's transition team asked him if he was interested in the position. He said his response was that he'd rather be governor and won't do both jobs.

    "That's not something I'm going to do. I don't view that, frankly, as consistent with being governor, so I'm going to be governor," Kaine said. "I would view it as taking my eye too much off the ball about things that need to happen here."

    Great catch on how 50-State Strategy wasn't in his statement. I was pretty freaked out when I searched for the term before even reading the whole thing.

    How he could have appreciated the program enough to thank Dean twice for the success but not include a statement of continuation is pretty strange. I don't see how he couldn't have seen this coming unless he is extremely out of the loop. Which isn't a good sign for somebody who will only be a part-time Chair and needs to hit the ground running instead of getting up to speed.

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    Today, she once again went out of her way to prove her skeptics right

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    Clusterfuck. From start to finish to not finished to after midnight press release re-bailing.


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