TX-Sen: Rick Noriega Tells Junior John to "Move ON from Move On"

Let me first start with an apology for the disgusting performance of the Junior Senator from Texas.

As noted elsewhere, it WAS pure performance-political theatre  of the farce genre.

You might be able to imagine what Rick Noriega, Afghanistan vet and current Lt. Col in the Texas National Guard thought of that display, but Rick is about actions, not just words.  Follow me on the flip for his call to action.

Rick's email blast this morning, (all emphasis mine):

Today John Cornyn is introducing a Senate resolution to condemn a recent advertisement from MoveOn.org in the New York Times. While the Senate is debating important legislation focused on bringing a responsible end to the war in Iraq, this is what John Cornyn is focused on?

Yesterday, he voted against restoring the Constitution's basic right of habeas corpus. Yesterday, he voted against the Webb-Hagel amendment, legislation that would have provided a safety net for our troops, requiring that they spend as much time at home with their families as they spend deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. And today? He's wasting the Senate's and the people's time by introducing a resolution about MoveOn.org's ad!

Send an email right now to John Cornyn. Tell him to move on from MoveOn today!
This is to be expected of John Cornyn, a faithful practitioner of the politics of Karl Rove. Instead of public conversations about the large issues that are really important -- the war on terror, the future of Social Security, education and health care for working families -- we get distractions over non-issues and tirades over wedge issues to create divisions among people.

We should not be surprised that John Cornyn doesn't want to discuss his rubberstamping of this Administration's failed policies in Iraq. That he doesn't want to talk about his obstruction of comprehensive immigration reform. And that he doesn't want to talk about the fact he voted against CHIP, a program to ensure health insurance for millions of children across the country.

Instead, we get a distraction. We get a resolution from John Cornyn over an ad in the New York Times. This is not why the people of Texas elected him to the U.S. Senate. We deserve better.

Tell John Cornyn to move on from MoveOn.Email him and tell John Cornyn to focus on the issues that matter.

Rick Noriega

P.S. Once you've emailed Senator Cornyn, please take a moment to forward this message to your friends and family. Urge them to tell John Cornyn to move on!

Email John Cornyn now!

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