• comment on a post Sarah Palin is Spiro Agnew over 5 years ago

    I just finished Perlstein's Nixonland which is a good foretelling of the Republican game plan.  They can only win by dividing the country on social-wedge issues based on lies and slanders.  It occurred to me while listening to Palin tonight that, except for the good looks and easy delivery, she is the second coming of Spiro Agnew and after Googling "Spiro Agnew attacking Democrats" was led to this post.  It seems to me a good ad for the Democrats would be to show the parallels between her attacks on Obama and the Democrats with Agnew's and have her morph into Agnew.  The ad could end by pointing out that Agnew was convicted of taking bribes and that Palin is being investigated for abuse of her office.


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