Ricky Martin endorses Hillary!

Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican favorite son and pop singer who rose to fame, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo, then as a solo artist since 1991. He has sold almost 40 million albums around the world with 21 top-ten hits on the U.S. Latin Charts, eight of which reached number one.

Today, Ricky Martin endorsed Hillary Clinton for president!

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080528/ap_o n_el_pr/2008_race_rundown_36

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Pop star Ricky Martin is backing Hillary Rodham Clinton ahead of Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday. The Grammy-winning singer on Wednesday said Clinton has shown a commitment to the needs of the Hispanic community.

This should help Hillary to get out the vote and rack up a big win in the June 1 contest.

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Superdelegate switches from Obama to Clinton!

Superdelegate Kevin Rodriquez, an African-American Democratic committeeman and the director of personnel for the Virgin Islands government has switched his endorsement from Obama to Clinton. This is the first superdelegate who has switched from Obama to Clinton and the fact that it has occurred so late in the process, is clearly good news for Hillary. There is more to the story, because Rodriquez originally backed Clinton, switched to Obama, and has now switched back to Clinton. Nonetheless, this is good news for the Clinton camp.

http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/ 2008/05/vi-superdelegat.html#TB_inline?k eepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&heig ht=425&width=800
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080529/ap_o n_el_pr/indecisive_delegate_1

"I decided to switch because that's my right," he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "I don't want to say why I decided. It's not about me ... It's about America and what's best for America.

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HRC got a SD endorsement today!

HRC got a SD endorsement today!

http://demconwatch.blogspot.com/2008/05/ superdelegate-endorsements-for-thursday_ 22.html

Guam Democratic Party Chair Pilar Lujan said today:

"After taking a close look at the candidates in this race, I was more impressed by Senator Clinton's ability to meet the challenges of the presidency: end the war, re-invigorate the economy, and provide universal health care...When she becomes the first woman president, she will think of the people of Guam and their aspirations."

Nice to see that HRC can still marshall support from the Democratic party Superdelegates given that Obama is only 61 delegates from the nomination. I like the positive language in her quote ("when she becomes the first woman president"!)

It is also good for HRC that, despite Obama's Oregon win and the fact that the media and pundits have tagged him as the presumptive nominee the SDs have been relatively frozen the last two days.

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HRC gets a Superdelegate from Mass.!

The HRC campaign just announced a new SD - Attorney General Martha Coakley of Massachusetts!

Quoting from an email just sent to supporters by HRC:

Massachusetts Attorney General and automatic delegate Martha Coakley announced her support for Hillary Clinton today. The Massachusetts State Democratic Committee elected her one of its automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention on May 10. Attorney General Coakley's statement follows below:

"I am determined to see a successful Democratic campaign for President in November. I believe that the Democratic primary has demonstrated to the American people that there are two able and hard working candidates, either of whom can win the presidency. Either will be a huge improvement for America over what the Republicans have offered for the last eight years and what they offer now for the next four. I will support whoever is the nominee of the party.

"However, as one of two unpledged delegates elected by the Massachusetts State Committee, I have determined to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Running for office under any circumstances is arduous and stressful; it is at times exhilarating and at times exhausting. It tests the issues, the families and supporters, and the very core of the candidate.  Running for President of the United States is all of that many times over.

"Regardless of the outcome of the  primary, Mrs. Clinton's energy, stamina, and resolve have changed the course of history  for  women seeking office, including the presidency, and I dare say, have changed the course of history of Presidential politics in the United States. It is for these reasons that I will vote for Hillary Clinton in August at the Nominating

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Hillary interview last night: fighting spirit

Hillary Clinton gave an interview on Fox News last night and I was impressed with her fighting spirit. She is clearly refuting calls by the Obama camp that she get out of the race.

http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/03/26/ clinton-insists-dems-race-is-a-long-way- from-over-looks-toward-convention/

You can find the full video of the interview here:

Let the voters have a chance to be heard. Nobody should be writing obituaries on this race, because it is a long way from being over.

She is so correct - there are still at least 10 contests left, including the important state of Pennsylvania. Also Obama does not have a convincing lock on the nomination based on polling or delegate counts.

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