G.W. Bush -- Another Drunken Shotgun-Type Episode

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Dumb Accident !!!
And not reported here!
(They never end. Bush may end his term on two wheels!)

Waving to the police, Bush fell off his bike!

[....]London, February 28: US President George W Bush was busily waving to security officers guarding the G8 summit, when he swerved into one of them, leaving the hapless policeman on crutches, a British police report says.[...]

[....]Bush - described in dry police style as a "falling/moving object" - was treated for scratches on his hands and arms after he went tumbling on a break from the summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, July 6, 2005.[...]

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Lots And Lots Of Blood For Lots And Lots Of Oil

As some of you may Know, I tend to try to look at political issues from new, or even conspiratorial  angles. I am a born speculator. So picture this conceivable scenario:

Contrary to the reports of oil production and export falling sharply subsequent to the Iraq Invasion, lots and lots of oil are being taken out of Iraq by somebody. Right now. Huge amounts. And some one is making obscene profits while American soldiers are paying the ultimate price. What if it really, literally, is blood for oil?

Now consider this little item:

Ureknet (dot) info:

The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran
Mike Whitney
http://www.uruknet.de/?s1=1&p=21402& amp;s2=11

(Also on)
countercurrents (dot) org:
http://www.countercurrents.org/whitney11 0306.htm

Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rice, Rumsfeld, Burns, Congress, and Israel.

Whoa! That's quite a line-up.

All in the last 48 hours!

Was it spontaneous or a calculated public-relations campaign?

If the Beltway & Forth Estate Warlords attack Iran, will it really be about "weapons?"

Or will they immediately go into the small Khuzestan Province of Iran, where the oil is?

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You Are About To Be Cognitively Hacked

Information Clearing House
(February 24, 2006):

Rumsfeld boasts of the vast changes in "communications planning" taking place at the Pentagon.

A "public affairs" strategy is at the heart of the new paradigm, replete with "rapid response" teams to address the nagging issues of bombed-out wedding parties, starving prisoners, and devastated cities. No problem is so great that it can't be papered-over by a public relations team trained in the black-art of deception, obfuscation, and slight-of-hand. Trickery now tops the list of military priorities.

"US Central Command has launched an online communications effort that includes electronic news updates and a links campaign that has resulted in several hundred blogs receiving and publishing CENTCOM content."

The military plans to develop the "institutional capability" to respond to critical news coverage within the same news cycle and to develop a comprehensive scheme for infiltrating the internet.

The Pentagon's strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information has already been chronicled in a recently declassified report, "The Information Operations Roadmap"; is a window into the minds of those who see free speech as dangerous as an "enemy weapons-system".

The Pentagon is aiming for "full spectrum dominance" of the Internet. Their objective is to manipulate public perceptions, quash competing points of view, and perpetuate a narrative of American generosity and good-will.

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AOL's Proposed E-mail Tax, Part II


= AOL Trash Talks Cancer Patients Over Opposition to Email Tax =
http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/2/27/2332 38/279

He began:

Email Tax Add to Hotlist

by Matt Stoller, Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 11:39:52 PM EST

So after writing that last post on AOL's proposed email tax, I reread the article and noticed AOL's dripping derision for the various groups concerned about what this might mean:

   AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham: "There is no substantive news here, just because some disparate groups of advocates have come together for an event reminiscent of the bar scene in the first 'Star Wars' movie."

Better solution: just send AOL an e-mail telling them that you cannot continue using their "service" because you know for sure that you yourself will somehow end up paying the e-mail "tax."

If I had to go to dialup (which is always a reasonable alternative) I would go for something like NetZero (they charge under $10/mo.!):


Beware -- AOL uses a proprietary dialup "connectoid," and you may need to some extra work, or get a 'puter pro to return the original normal connectoid to service.

Phone company telephone-integrated DSL services are cheap and 20 times faster than dialup. But they may soon succumb to the China Syndrome.

Read below the jump (or perish).

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A Brand New Katherine Harris Scandal

The first light shed on a developing Katherine Harris scandal arrived via Wayne Madsen Report this morning.

Katherine was the Florida secretary of state who stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. She "went on" to become a Florida Panhandle US Congresswoman, and now is running for a Florida US Senate seat.

Here are some interesting links:

TIME: New Ethics Probe

Katherine Harris Sucks

Katherine Harris For Senate

FOX: Katherine Harris Shakes Caricature

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Russell Feingold And Ralph Nader Only Choice In '07.

Senator Russell Feingold opposed cloture of the filibuster of the Alito appointment. And he is now virtually alone in filibustering the New Traitriot Act.


We must have a speedy constitutional convention to abolish excessive wealth and corporate limited liability immediately. And to set new elections for all government officials.

The neoroyalists who attempted to deceive the American public about Arab terrorists destroying the WTC with planes when they did it themselves by controlled demolition must be hung. Everybody knows now.

We must elect Russ Feingold and Ralph Nader in new Constitutional 2007 presidential elections.

No more computer voting. No more gathering votes in centralized mother locations without those votes being announced speedily right after counting at the precincts where they were cast.


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Feingold, Alone, Filibusters Patriot Act

Sorry; no time for a real entry, but this is important!

E-mail from Trouthout -- Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:47:00

Feingold, Alone, Filibusters Patriot Act
http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/021606 J.shtml
In a case of legislative deja vu, Sen. Russell Feingold launched another lonely filibuster against the USA Patriot Act, but sponsors predicted enough support to overcome the objection and extend parts of the law set to expire March 10.

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State Of The Union -- Deconstructed -- Nuked!

2006 State of The Union Speech.

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My Electoral Voting Statement.

In the '06 election, I fully intend to include in my Electoral Voting Statement, which I will hand in at the voting booth, a provision that there must be a draft, but that the government must be permitted to draft only people who own, or are directly in position to eventually own through inheritance, over 10 million dollars worth of wealth, in U.S. dollars.

My Electoral Voting Statement will also state that, due to The Principle Of Democracy, which supersedes all lesser laws and Constitutional provisions, that unless computers are not entirely removed from the voting process, and unless all election results produced in the entire nation are pre-announced at the precinct level, the ensuing government must be regarded as only a drastically limited interim government until a new government is elected in a special election that does not utilize computers, and in which all voting is decentralized in the sense that its results are announced publicly at the precinct level before they are turned in to larger pools of election results.

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Beware The Ides Of March - SERIOUSLY!!! RED ALERT NOW!!!

Read it again, Sam!




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