Kids Who Definitely Are not In Iraq. dex.php?a=156

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What Does This Mean?

I really do not quite know what to make of this. All I can do is give this link, and let the rest of you figure it out. I presume it's probably accurate. It's the political donor profile for Exxon Mobil. Look for the blue and red (more red by far) bar graph showing what Exxon Mobil contributed from 1990 to 2006. Note the peculiar curve!


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Darkest, Bloodiest Conspiracy Audio

I know this is fluff to most MyDDers. But some of us need a pinch of added spice in our mundane lives. So I now offer The Deep, Dark, Congressional Parking Lot Conspiracy Audio.



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Government Blocks Wind Farm Plans

Why do you think this is happening?

Via ScienceDaily
May 31, 2006 p?feed=Science&article=UPI-1-2006053 1-17405200-bc-us-windfarms.xml

Government blocks wind farm plans

WASHINGTON, May 31 (UPI) -- The U.S. government has ordered work stopped on more than a dozen wind farms, saying the giant turbines might interfere with military radar.

But supporters of wind power say the reason for the actions is political and has little to do with national security, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.


Federal officials have refused to say how many stop-work orders have been issued, but developers told the newspaper at least 15 projects have been shut down by the government so far this year.

And why is this happening too?

The Christian Science Monitor
May 31, 2006 edition 1-uspo.html

By Mark Clayton | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

A few years ago a little-known US Energy Department program helped produce a design technology for lightweight cars and trucks that in 2004 alone saved the nation 122 million barrels of oil, or about $9 billion.

Even without that breakthrough, the tiny Industrial Technologies Program routinely saves the United States $7 worth of energy for each dollar it spends, proponents say.

So, with energy prices spiking and President Bush pushing for more energy research, the ITP would seem a natural candidate for more funding. In fact, its budget is set to get chopped by a third from its 2005 level. It's one of more than a dozen energy-efficiency efforts that the Energy Department plans to trim or eliminate in a $115 million cost-saving move.

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Meet MyDD's New Corporate Masters

"The price of meat has just gone up and your lady has just gone down."


"""Don't Regulate The Internet!""" vojhbdpn/myddpoliticselectionstheworldto day/3438091/readmore?r=2&d=http%3A%2


"""hands off the internet"""





The America Channel


American Conservative Union


Bell South


Center for Individual Freedom

Cinergy Communications



Citizens Against Government Waste

CBM of America



Electrodata, Inc.

Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc.



Frontiers of Freedom

Independent Technologies, Inc.

Ministerial Alliance Against the Digital Divide


MRV Communications, Inc.

National Association of Manufacturers

National Black Chamber of Commerce


Coalition on Black Civic Participation

Prysmian Communications



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Rove Is Toast !!!

Just follow these links. I give the whole links because some of these sites may not be accessible via hypertext links. You may also need to turn cookies off.

Truthout, May 13, '06: W.shtml

AEI - Before: nts.asp

ABC News, The Note -- Before: tory?id=140388

AEI, May 13, '06, 9:30PM -- Now:, eventID.1338,filter.all/event_detail.asp

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Dollar Starts The Big Slide Against Major Currencies

This just in:

"I think this is it," said Tony Norfield, global head of currency strategy at ABN Amro. "The dollar has been supported by high yields but markets are saying that is no longer enough. The question for policymakers is going to be how to manage the dollar's decline. It won't be a one-way street but the fall is likely to be biggest against Asian currencies."

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The Colbert Syndrome

The Colbert Syndrome

Colbert Does the White House Correspondents' dinner

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Ratings Malfunction - Sorry, Curt Matlock

Upon revue of the hidden comments, I was just appalled to find that a comment by Curt Matlock became hidden, and that tho only "0" attached to it is attributed to myself. This hidden comment was posted in the diary entry DCCC Recruits Against a Democrat. Again., under the heading Re: Republican Seats-UnChallenged. The entry diary is: 26/477

This Piece is currently occupying the top of the "Recommended Diary" list. And also, my browser search function is telling me that there are no comments by Curt Matlock at all in it!

I have tried, but found no way to undo this hiding effectuation.

I have never willfully attached any rating less than "3" to any comment by Curt Matlock. True, I have made mistakes, but I am 99% sure I did not give Curt this "0". Something is very, very wrong here, I greatly fear.

Perhaps whenever a comment is hidden, moderators should review that action. And perhaps there should exist some method for people who might mistakenly attach zero ratings to undo them.

Frankly, I am now quite paranoid about the vulnerability of the blog's ratings system to malicious compromise. Something should be done about this situation soon.

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Angels Crying

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