Another Anti-Iraq Invasion Protester Immolates Himself

I arrived in Amherst just as my doctor war stuffing Greg Levey into a silver body bag.

Some 2 dozen participants braved frigid winds on Saturday, February 18 to mark the 15th anniversary of Greg Levey's self-immolation on the Amherst Town Common in protest of the first Gulf War. A good deal of focus was on the ongoing plight of those who suffer most from the illegal and immoral war waged on Iraq by the Bush dynasty and their neocon supporters. 15 years of resistance to U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people and Washington remains entrenched and out of control.

The local Big Media Families all lamented Greg's "mental illness." What utter scum they are. The (Northampton) Daily Hampshire Gazette then left an "unsigned" note "thanking" my activist friend for calling them fascists.

Read about how Activist and artist Malachi Ritscher burned himself alive Nov. 3, 2006 in Chicago in front of morning rush hour commuters to protest the (2nd) war in Iraq.

The Big Media Family fascist press has almost completely blacked out this news in "mainstream" press. /349530.shtml

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Another Thing You Need T Know

Know about this:

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The Case For Tolerance

We now have come to a watershed period, having done what I would call a really great job of getting neocon Republicans out of the Congress. Now we are at a point where the 'we' aspects of blogs like MyDD will abruptly become transformed into critical issues. First of all, I might call the MyDD crowd a 'candidate advocacy' movement. From the perspective of two or three generations, this 'candidate advocacy' movement notion is a brand-new idea. I suppose something closely akin to it was practiced by labor unionists during the rise of the union movement. Now, I (blues), am not really a part of this candidate advocacy movement, but rather more a member of what can be called the progressive social action movement, perhaps represented most accurately by the Indymedia crowd (for example ' '). They do not usually back candidates for office, and so are not nearly so fastidious about maintaining goodwill relationships with the people. They would sooner push than persuade. But on the other hand, they have been up and running far, far longer than the current candidate advocacy movement. So they have (in my estimation) a priceless stock of hard-learned knowledge that the MyDD style candidate advocacy people are in dire need of. That's why I have been posting here.

I am hoping that I will be able to back off a bit on my political blogging, which is not really an ideal strategy, given that this is a time when as much input is needed as ever. But I have particular personal needs and agendas (remember what those are?). But there is something I feel a need to emphasize strongly at this juncture. Things are about to change rather significantly on the political ground. Some of you may be aware that I have always emphasized the need for tolerance for blog constituents whose opinions diverge, within reasonable limits, from the general consensus of this blog. Also, I have pointed out the absolute necessity for 'keeping the blogging troops entertained.' And entertainer are always iconoclasts in every venue; it just goes with the turf.

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Official Gloating Diary

Actually, I come from the Lao Tzu school of thought. Taoism is a way of being that it describes. Now, your Taoists embrace a very shamanistic perspective on gloating. They don't. 'Conduct your victory as a funeral,' says Lao Tzu. Taoism is so ancient that no one is all that sure when it really began. Some would trace it back to the world's oldest book, the I Ching, or Book of Changes. You should all go out and buy a copy tomorrow. And then go to some arcane, hippiesque boutique and pick up the helpful ancient (?) Chinese coins (the ones with the square cut out in the middle). Then you will never make another bad decision. Try it.

I like the way the MyDD blog generals are handling the big waves as they come arolling in from the big Republican rout. They are keeping everything well-oiled and humming along, just like this was a newspaper or something. Just counting down the shoe. Good job.

I say be happy, and don't party too much. Gird your loins for when you will find yourself pulling that knife out of your back. The I Ching says this would be an opportune time to make new friends. Maybe they will help pull that knife out.

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Greg Palast Rapidly Rebuilds Lebanon

Sounds impossible, no? Well, I just conflated the headlines of two consecutive articles in Elaine Meinel Supkis' fantastic, educational, entertaining blog Culture of Life News!

Greg Palast Arrested Interviewing FEMA Trailer Storm Victims

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Reporter Greg Palast was arrested for trying to interview FEMA trailer people. The deadline for eviction from the trailer camps is in four months. Nearly no one in these camps have any homes to return to and the public housing that wasn't touched by a drop of water in the floods remain boarded up. Obviously, these people are slated for being eliminated or struggle to survive in the streets of whatever city they can reach.

This is an article from several months ago.

»    7/21/06 The Federal Emergency Management Agency prohibits journalists from having unsupervised interviews with Hurricane Katrina victims who have been relocated to FEMA trailer parks, according to a report in the Baton Rouge Advocate (7/15/06).

»    "If a resident invites the media to the trailer, they have to be escorted by a FEMA representative who sits in on the interview," FEMA spokesperson Rachel Rodi is quoted in the article. "That's just a policy."

»    The Advocate report, by reporter Sandy Davis, describes two separate attempts to talk to people displaced by Katrina that were halted by the intervention of a FEMA security guard. In the first incident, in a Morgan City, Louisiana camp, an interview was interrupted by a guard who claimed that residents of the camp are "not allowed" to talk to the media.

Politicians and public officials expressed outrage that the Bush dictatorship was no allowing hurricane victims to talk with the media except when a FEMA 'escort' was along.

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Plamegate Reloaded

The Washington Post has been trying to smear and sink Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald for some time now. Example: HERE.

I would guess that few reader know that the potentail for a grand jury indictment of Carl Rove still exists. Many mentions have been made that the good special procecutor is off hunting down jwalkers, but that may not be what is really going on. Yes, apparently some judge may have a sealed indictment gathering dust in his or her drawer.

The folks at Truthout are saying that the Washington Post, along with small hord media complex gang members, is mounting another savage attempt to overboard Fitzgerald THIS VERY WEEK!!!

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Weasel Woman Links Darwin To Hitler On TV

Raw Story

New Christian broadcasting TV special featuring Ann Coulter links Darwin to Hitler

Ron Brynaert
Published: Saturday August 19, 2006

An upcoming television special produced by a Christian broadcaster that features conservative pundit Ann Coulter links Charles Darwin to Adolf Hitler, RAW STORY has learned.

"Author and Christian broadcaster Dr. D. James Kennedy connects the dots between Charles Darwin and Adolf Hitler in Darwin's Deadly Legacy, a groundbreaking inquiry into Darwin's chilling social impact," announces a press release issued by Coral Ridge Ministries. "The new television documentary airs nationwide on August 26 and 27 on The Coral Ridge Hour."

"To put it simply, no Darwin, no Hitler," says Dr. Kennedy. "Hitler tried to speed up evolution, to help it along, and millions suffered and died in unspeakable ways because of it."

First of all, let's disambiguate evolution from Darwinism. Darwin did not "discover" the concept of evolution. It was in the air long before Mr. Darwin glommed onto it. I do not look at it as a theory, but merely a concept. That is because I tend to use relatively strict definitions for terms like "theory." A theory is (you will not find this in Webster's) a set of interactive concepts concerning a large- scale natural system. That is what we really mean when we speak of a "theory." (Yes, what we mean when we speak can be at variance with what we find in a dictionary, language being what it truly is.) It's just a mere concept, nowhere as big a deal as an actual theory. Like a theory, a concept can be either apt or wrong. Evolution is an apt concept.

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Apocalypse Soon

Next stop:


You heard it first right here. The entire Bush Jr. poker hand is in terminal entropy. In the next few days, I predict that you will see the entire House of Busher come crashing down. Of course, this is all scary as hell. Hope I'm wrong again. The details are extremely complex, and I cannot begin to analyze them tonight. But I really think we could end up with all our Iraq troops back home by next week.

Don't think so huh? Give me two weeks on this. Stock up on dry beans and rice. This probably going to be a no-fun zone in the coming weeks. I have a strong feeling that Bush Jr. himself, and Company, are in for a hellacious September surprise.

Coverage right here probably begins tomorrow.

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Replican Medio-Fascists Strike Again

It looks like the Replican medio-fascists are taking a blatantly partisan stand in favor of their neocon Replican corporate masters. Somebody ought to tell the people about this latest "liberal" medio-fascist trend. I would actually advise anti-Replican protests. Seriously.


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