• Bags under the eyes does not disqualify a person from being president, and declaring Iran's military a terrorist target is not a step toward war.

    If I had voted to declare Iran's military a terrorist unit, I would think I had problems much worse than bags under my eyes.

    I can hardly believe she voted for that piece of bull manure.

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    ... Is often a tad remedial in times of crisis. I would guess this to be one of those times.

  • After all, Aggregate Productivity System has been sold offshore by the "capitalists" for 30 years. Nothing better for "profit" than selling all your means of production to China. We really are going to need communism. And I really wish that wasn't so. But that's how it's looking.

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    Quite honestly, I can see the USA becoming totally communist. How else will we deal with the fact that we depend on China for everything we buy with plastic at WallMart? Got an answer for that one?

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    After all the bullmanure that has come to our doorsteps gratis all the neocon screw-ups, I just night go COMMUNIST. Keep pushing.

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    .... as he is a paleoconservative/libertarian, and I want Kucinich, he is not a sociopathic nutjob. He is just a guy who prefers to indulge in fast answers to hard questions. At least he's not in the CFR. He's a dupe for the psychos, yes. But he THINKS he is right. (He's wrong, but it looks like he was raised to be wrong.)

  • He's the only one that the Repubs could begin to handle, believe me. But Romney has mountains of baggage also. He did a great job of nearly bankrupting my own state of Massachusetts. It's 100% clear that he is an outright neocon. And the magical underwear issue will not go away.

    I have pages of damning stuff about him on my saved comments disk. Time to scan it all. This looks to become a major project.

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    Damn, you've generated tons of push-back here, Caulfield. As a rule, the most hated posters either develop into the best bloggers, or the worst. I take a perverse pleasure in looking on at your development here. Unfortunately, the brain fog has thus far blocked my ability to discern whatever it might be that you believe, or do not believe in, except for your dislike of Hillary.

    I am no great fan of Hillary myself, but I'm pragmatic to the point of cynicism.

    Just to set the record straight: There really are black helicopters, and I've seen the things. I don't know why they're just flat black, but they're out there.

    You might consider being a tad more gentle with the rest of us. Not all of us know everything. Well, on some days I know everything, but not today.

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    .... like a big political football. We can only make a prayer for Elizabeth Edwards, and that is all. She is obviously a very brave person. With something like this, you have to go one day at a time. That's all any of us have anyway. We get just one day at a time.

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    .... But not for all time!

    I'm not trying to promote my own blog (it doesn't have the bandwidth), but you might check out:

    Real Democracy Is The ONLY Answer!

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    It's way, way too complicated, and it will not stop the "spoiler effect."

    See my blog:

    Real Democracy Is The ONLY Answer!

  • It would, of course, not be a matter of "limited strikes." And once we are in there, we can never get out. We all know that too, right?

  • Former Indiana US Representative, Senator, and vice president with George H. W. Bush, Dan Quayle has a brain no bigger than a walnut. But he wrote a book that makes him seem to be The Saint of Capital Hill. Of course, it was obviously "massaged" by a small army of PR. artists to make him shine. Of course Obama's 1000 x smarter than Quayle, but the PR. artists can still make him look like a God for a few bucks.

    Therefore, I never read books written by politicians, as they are full of pluggola for one product and one product only. (Guess which one?)

  • Is Obama really all that exciting? Like, when did this guy break from the pack? Why would he be better than, say, Edwards? It's not like I'm not following all this. I guess the big Obama thrill just got past me somehow.

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    Maybe Edwards will do. But I really want Kucinich. Who thinks we can afford (in any way) all these dumbass wars?


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