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    .... on the very liberal Culture of Life News (basically an economics blog which favors Kucinich).

    The other party was a very typical "see no evil" Ron Paulite. So I began to dig for stuff about Paul. As many know, when I start to dig there's gonna be tons of dirt, but even I was shocked. The disasters Paul has attempted to create are just apPaulling!!!

    You can go see it if you have the stomach. I'm still in shock. This guy could very conceivably win. I go bed now.

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    In 2004, the now-gone (much missed) repententnadervoter.com reorganized as repententnadervoter.org, because they were unable to stop the Google Ads for Republicans on the old site. If Kos has a contract with Google, he's got a problem. Really, Google should inform sites of this possible side effect. Surely they understand it by now. One more reason to not trust Google.

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    Paul's ideology is light years away from anything that will actually help ordinary USA citizens. It's pretty much part of a cult of impotence, It is a road that goes nowhere.

    That said, it seems Paul seriously believes in the fairy tale land in which his benighted supporters carry on their futile existences. That is to say he does have values that remotely resemble what the USA should be about. But it's all a bunch of libertarian bubble-think at the end of the day. On the other hand, nothing could be worse than Baby Bush.

  • Not that damn GoDaddy!!!

    I have three blogs. One is a personal "MySite.com" style bulletin board. the other two are WordPress "MySite.WordPress.com" sites. But I'm squatting on the domain names of the latter two, and the free, low-bandwidth "MySite.Wordpress.com" could always be transplanted to those domains simply by using "one click" install of the WordPress software. My squatting host is: ( www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ ).

    (NOT GoDaddy!!!)

    I set up a WordPress site this morning in ten minutes. ( http://communitysurvival.wordpress.com/ ). I use my other site ( http://dailytrough.wordpress.com/ ) for posting outrageous bullshit that I probably couldn't get away with here. The "MySite.com" site is a bulletin board about linguistics.

    Frankly, there is a hell of a lot I don't like about Hillary, but I am nowhere near starting an "Anyone But..." movement. (Except as some kind of a twisted joke, maybe.) A little negative energy is inevitable, but starting a forest fire would be inadvisable, IMHO.

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    I have been watching this for many months. Most of Clinton's Senate votes look decidedly liberal, but she has totally struck out on several very high profile votes. That said, I have been conducting a "casual poll" among friends and acquaintances in my ultra-progressive community, and have become concerned about a general lack of enthusiasm for this candidate among folks I have spoken with. The Republican RNC has been quite busy stripping votes from from convention delegates in five states for holding too-early state primaries (and it looks like Florida stands to loose all of its delegates.) The DNC has been doing this too. But this would could have the effect of giving time for the RNC to pull a "fast one."

    So if Hillary is really not well supported by the general voters, this could turn into a disaster. Just my observations.

  • The Constitutionally mandated Oath Of Office says absolutely nothing about "keeping promises to voters," or pleasing "independents." It says, in big bold print YOU SHALL IMPEACH if they violate. PERIOD! They violated. The duty is simply to impeach. (That's just the rules.)

  • .... for the Obama campaign. Try to calm down, caulfield! In my later years, I've come to hate watching people make totally obvious huge mistakes. Especially politicians. Huge errors by pols are getting on my nerves. I didn't used to be this way at all.

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    My bet is they are going to JFK this libertarian screwball. They have too much at stake.

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    I am over 60 years old. That basically means I may not have to die for Cheney/Exxon! Good luck kids! I will go out the door, but I won't let it hit me in the ass. Save your dumb butt. Impeach this clown.

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    Lots of luck.

  • .... all along. About a year ago, I produced a series of "hit diaries," summarizing the shortcomings of all the Democrats. I just figured, why not get it all out up front? If I can find the dirt on the internet, the Repugs can too. So why not get it all out beforehand. People here thought I was crazy, and bashed the hell out of me. Crazy like a fox!

  • .... come to my website, so I could ban them.

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    .... to get Pelosi, et al. off their dumb asses???

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    What a stupid mess. Don't have to worry about terr'ists no more.


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