Porter Goss And The UAE-Oiltra Affair.

(Note: this is a hyperspeculative scenario. It's saving grace is that it curve-fits the present circumstances with 99% accuracy)

Porter J. Goss became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on 21 April 2005, in a White House "Saturday Night Massacre" of the nation's entire intelligence community. -- And a whole lot has happened since (certainly not all of it stemming from the elevation of Mr. Goss).

Now for my hyperspeculative scenario:

The entire Iraq Invasion and Occupation is a vast neo-intelligence-media junta fraud. The black agencies are successfully pumping more oil out of Iraq right now than the Mississippi is (or is nearly) pouring polluted water into the Gulf of Mexico. And the neo-intelligence-media junta is scrambling to rake in the $trillions.

The Iraq Occupation is a global deception operation. Relatively few U.S. soldiers are bearing the major burdens. Instead, a vast imperial army of U.S. mercenaries are being hired (with U.S. government funds) from places like South America, Vietnam, etc. Their parents watch them return home with missing limbs, in coffins, or they merely are told that their children's bodies are being swallowed up in the Arab sand.

The vast Iraqi pumping stations and pipelines are also being guarded by predator-type "drones" and robot ground vehicles. These MBs (millibots) will soon make their initial appearances on street corners near you.

Of course, the neo-intelligence-media junta must cover up this UAE-Oiltra Affair at all costs. And it really needs the UAE Port Deal to provide cover. And the neo-intelligence-media junta could not care less what "Congress," or anyone else thinks about it's multi-trillion dollar UAE-Oiltra Affair.

Speaking of the UAE Port Deal, do check out the Mail-Archive entry HERE.

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