Hamilton Project - The Empire Strikes Back

You should know that there is now definitive information to the effect that what are being called the "corporate forces within the Democratic Party," or "Wall Street Democrats" are organizing a project to neutralize the party's grassroots movement. They call their putsch "the Hamilton Project." This is probably not "only a test," folks.

This information has appeared at Sirotablog HERE, AT WORKING FOR CHANGE, and at TODAY'S SIROTABLOG 4/9/06.

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Re: Hamilton Project - The Empire Strikes Back

Thanks for the link.

This is an issue that should really get a lot more attention from the grassroots, and which goes to the heart of Matt Stoller's question posted here:

http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/4/3/18392 6/5223

That is, if the Democratic party is to take the grassroots seriously, we (the grassroots) must challenge the establishment.  Here we see a clear crystallization of how the establishment (in this case the corporate one) aims to manage and handle the Democratic base.  It ought to be clear that the Democratic party is not synonymous with Progressivism/Liberalism, even though the party is certainly better than republicans.

Here's the key excerpt from Sirota's post, regarding the Hamilton project, sponsored by Wall Street Corporatist Democrats:

First there's the dishonest name-calling aimed at those courageous Democrats who are challenging the free trade orthodoxy that is destroying the lives of millions of American and foreign workers. Then there is the promise of an ensuing attack on the labor movement - a reflexive move, of course, for a bunch of corporate executives. And finally, the nod to efforts to defund public education through "vouchers."

None of this is surprising, of course. As head of Citigroup, Rubin has a financial interest in the agenda he's pushing. And he's made no apologies for the brazenness with which he pushes his corporatism. Remember, it was Rubin during the debate over the Central American Free Trade Agreement who demanded that congressional Democrats back off their efforts to include labor, human rights and environmental protections in the pact.

The progressive grassroots must fight on two fronts, inside the Democratic party and against the hostile forces of the republican party; we cannot neglect one for the other.

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