I'm through sticking up for Marshall Wittmann

bumped because bluenc is real centrist/moderate - Matt

The DLC is, I think, a decent group with good ideas. Not always the best tactics, and definitely not always right, but I agree with its mission and principles. Marshall Wittmann, as many of you know, is a DLC fellow who formerly worked on John McCain's 2000 Presidential bid. He considers himself a Teddy Roosevelt progressive Republican, and has aligned himself with the New Democrat movement. Sure, it's useful to seek an outsider's opinion. After all, how can we win over voters in the middle if we don't listen to their concerns and priorities? Wittmann often says stupid things on his blog, but I usually am able to forgive his neocon apologism. This time, however, Wittmann's gone too far.

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Who do you like?

The Republicans are likely to have a messy 2008 Presidential primary. They have a lot of issues to sort out, and some strong ideological elements that will be vying for supremacy. Democrats will have an advantage we rarely enjoy: relative unity. To be sure, there are some big rifts in the party, but after 8 years of Bush and GOP failures, we want the White House bad. This means that 2008 will be more about who can win the whole thing than about who can excite the base. So, who do you like?

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