*BREAKING NEWS* Wingnuts will go to war!

Imagine my surprise when I see on RedState that the wingers are ready to go to war! Finally, after their courageous keyboard service in the War on Terror, it seems that our conservative war cheerleaders are ready to go to war:

The plan of attack!

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What's Your Favorite Veto Strategy?

So, there's been a great deal of conversation about what Democrats should do after the President vetoes the supplemental spending bill passed by Congress. Chris and Matt have articulated some interesting ideas, and Sirota has come up with his own strategy. I'd like to continue the conversation by giving us another forum in which members can offer up their idea of a veto strategy.

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"Sort It": An Intriguing Idea By the Tories!

I have something of a casual interest in British politics, which I indulge when I've become saturated with the U.S. variety. I've become very interested in David Cameron, the current leader of the Conservative Party and PM hopeful. Cameron is a super-slick, Conservative answer to Tony Blair, and he's battling to rehabilitate the Tories' image. Whether or not he succeeds, I don't know, and I'd definitely like to see Gordon Brown whip him in the elections. But his desire for transformation has produced some interesting political ideas that Democrats could call upon. My favorite? Sort It.

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Chickens Before they Hatch

I know it's terrible luck, and that we shouldn't take anything for granted, but I can't help looking ahead. If the midterms were held today, the Democrats would most likely take back the House. That would mean that, for the first time in American history, the Speaker of the House would be a woman. It would also mean that the Democrats would have to elect a Majority Leader. The position of Majority Leader, while not always high profile, is of crucial importance. The Majority Leader, along with the Speaker, decide the legislative priorities of the House. So, who should be the Majority Leader?

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Why I've Changed My Mind About Ned Lamont

Not too long ago, I couldn't have written this diary. Until recently, I thought Ned Lamont's primary challenge to Joe Lieberman was silly and stupid. I argued against the idea of a netroots campaign to unseat Lieberman out of ideological conviction and strategic concerns. In my mind, getting involved in a Democratic primary was bad strategy. And, if nothing else, the netroots is supposed to be strategic. I was convinced that Kos, Stoller, Bowers, and all the others were morons.

I was wrong. Over the last several weeks, we've seen what Joe Lieberman is made of, and Democrats shouldn't stand for it. I support Ned Lamont.

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Hillary Panders on Immigration

I'm a DLC Democrat, and anyone who's read my posts knows that. Still, I'm not afraid to take my moderate friends to task when they're wrong. Sen. Hillary Clinton, who I sometimes agree with and sometimes dislike, has moved waaaay to the right on immigration, telling the New York Daily News that she favors building a wall along the Mexican border.

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Schumer is Center-Right? Right!

The recent claims that Chuck Schumer of New York is some kind of mushy centrist is patently absurd. Those who claim that Schumer is a "Reagan Democrat" show their unfamiliarity with actual Reagan Democrats. The fact is, Schumer sits right about in the middle of his party, and may even be on the left wing.

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Where does Lamont stand?

Since I'm constantly being asked to support Ned Lamont in Connecticut, I think I should ask a few questions about where he stands on the issues. Those of you who are Lamont supporters or just good researchers can help me out.

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*BREAKING* Iran plans to go nuclear this year!

This is truly scary. And let's all remember, it happened on Bush's watch. Remind me again how this President is "strong on defense"?

John McCain's Corrupt Friends - PA Edition

Well, gosh, I almost teared up watching McCain drool all over Rick Santorum. Seems McCain thinks that Senator Man-on-Dog is a "good and decent person" who "represents family values."

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