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    Am I the only one who's not cool with the "towelhead" line? Would you like it if someone called Gov. Richardson a "wetback"?

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    I don't really know why he's still running. There are so many rumors about him that he's got to know he'll get hit hard if he's the nominee. Plus, he always looks genuinely baffled at most of the debates. He's the Tommy Thompson of the Democratic field.

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    Is it just me or is Obama way wrong when he says that Americans prefer to buy American-made (and more expensive) t-shirts to save American jobs?

    A lot of the regular folks I know don't even look to see where this stuff is from. For Christ's sake, look at Wal-Mart's market share.

  • Yeah, I think he has a real opportunity to brand himself as an "outside-the-box" candidate.

    I read an article about the candidate brands, and it said the Obama was like a Mac and Hillary was a PC. Seems to me that Edwards can represent a new alternative to an old binary in politics. Just as a new operating system could completely revolutionize the IT world, Edwards could be a completely different kind of candidate.

  • All this crap about trying to find another Ronald Reagan gives Democrats a great opening. The Republicans are obsessed, as always, with trying to find an elusive "golden age" when everything was better. They're fixated on the past, on the way things were.

    Democrats are the party of the future. Everything we do and believe is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to give our children a bright future. We learn from history, but we don't try and re-live it. We want to create a new and better future. I say, let the GOP go on a snipe hunt for some great conservative of yore. Whether its Reagan or Goldwater or Mallard Fillmore, they're are all retreads of the same failed ideas.

  • Whoa, who said anything about Obama or Edwards or anyone? I was just going after Clinton - I wasn't advocating for anyone else.

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    That's the kind of leadership we need in the White House: wait and see what the other guys do, then follow suit in the most wishy-washy possible way.

    Honestly, is she focus-grouping her backbone?

  • Exactly - has HRC been out in front on anything? Has she led in any substantive way on any issue? Edwards, Obama, hell even Richardson and Dodd can all claim to have carried the flag on something crucial for progressives. Clinton, on the other hand, has been content to follow their lead.

    For me, the problem with HRC hasn't been a liberal/conservative thing - it's the fact that she just hasn't led on a fucking thing.

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    How long before Fox loses its last shred of mainstream legitimacy? Sure, we've known for years about its biases, and serious politicos have long been aware, but many ordinary Americans still mistake it for a real news network. I think we're about to see this change over the next couple of years. With Democrats giving them the finger, Fox will step up its right-wing rhetoric and alienate any middle of the road viewers they still have.

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    If Edwards wins the nomination, he has to pick a minority or a woman for the VP, and he will. It will be either Obama, Richardson, Sebelius, Clinton, or some wild card like Madeline Albright (foreign policy creds).

    Here's an interesting name for either Clinton or Obama: Sam Nunn. Moderate, conservative, with about as much defense policy cred as any Democrat in the country. Also, Webb is a pretty obvious choice, too.

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    Two words: Joe Sestak.

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    Did anyone else notice the way the camera was swaying back and forth during her web announcement? What's that all about?

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    RFK is one of my favorites, but IMO "Bobby" was a god-awful movie. It had less to do with Kennedy than it did with annoying, poorly-written characters doing annoying, poorly-written things. When it was actually about Bobby Kennedy, it was an okay movie. The other two hours sucked.

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    Yeah - I saw it last night and it is a total piece of shit. The writing is bad, the acting is bad, and it has next to nothing to do with Kennedy. We're supposed to really get a kick out of a couple of dumb kids doing LSD, though. That's really supposed to inspire or us something.

  • Has Owens indicated any interest in the seat? As I recall, he was fairly popular and he could be tough to beat. Still, Udall's a good candidate - I'm fairly confident he'll beat whichever ass the GOP picks.


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