Where does Lamont stand?

Since I'm constantly being asked to support Ned Lamont in Connecticut, I think I should ask a few questions about where he stands on the issues. Those of you who are Lamont supporters or just good researchers can help me out.

I've heard Lamont call for "substantive" debate, and I'm glad. Too many campaigns rely on slogans and buzzwords. So, here are my substance-related questions:

1. Lamont obviously would not have supported the war in Iraq like Lieberman. What is his plan now? If he were in the Senate today, what would he do, specifically? If he wants to get the troops out, how would he do so?

2. Lamont clearly favors universal health care, like most Democrats. What is his health care plan? What does he bring to the table? How will he solve the health care crisis, specifically?

I might have more questions later, but this is what I have now.

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