(IN-Sen) Dan Coats: "Don't tell the people of Indiana..."

If there was any doubt that Dan Coats had cut all ties with his "home" state, this damning footage from a North Carolina event in September of 2008 makes it clear that he had no use for Hoosiers until he thought he might be able to win a senate seat.

Wow. For what it's worth, even conservatives in the state have been unimpressed with the Carpetbagging Coats experience. In fact, even the crazy tea-baggers are fed up with the charade.
These insiders are making a major mistake if they feel that the grassroots patriots, who want to see Mr. Bayh head into retirement this year, will accept another DC insider, who spent years as a lobbyist, being dragged into the race. The GOP insiders are making a major mistake if they believe that a candidate who has not lived in our state for the past 10 years - is who the grassroots base will support. The perception that Mr. Coats is being chosen by DC insiders is alienating him from the very base of grassroots support that he will need to win the primary and the general election.
And this is coming from a guy who advocates armed resistance to the federal government.

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