• He had a combination of good luck and good policy, sure. But I haven't heard him do anything but get in the way of progress on this crisis, 'cause he's a bitter old man who can't stand the fact that history has passed him by.

    Since you're so issue-focused, Dummy, why don't you give me a link to HRC's bold proposal wrt the mortgage meltdown.

  • Funny, I haven't heard a word from Hillary on the financial crisis. I've heard a lot from Schumer, a lot from Dodd, Obama's proposed conditions for the bail-out, and Bill keeps stepping on his dick and making himself more and more unpopular with the people who saved his ass when he did other things with his dick...

    But the alleged Invincible Wonder Woman of the Democratic Party (Record in nation-wide political contests: 0-2) has been pretty quiet.

  • The fact that you're citing Alan "Keep Mortgaging" Greenspan to make your case, or that you try to bolster it by citing Human Events.

    Do you work at being this stupid? Or is it a gift?

  • comment on a post Why not Hillary? over 5 years ago

    After all this time ?

    Read through some of these comments. Why encourage all this stupid whining and paranoia?

  • Oh, Marjorie. No matter how aggressively people pursue your title as stupidest, saddest troll on the site, you come roaring back to defend what's yours.


  • "Dick Morris"? Do you also agree with your savvy pal that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who left many questions unanswered about Vince Foster?

    There really is no kind of scum you people won't embrace in your warped, hate-filled desperation.

    You get more pathetic with each passing day.

  • yeah zero out my commment but all you assking Obama supportes still can /shall see it) .

    Geeze, your powers are TEH AWESOME!!!! And here I've been thinking you're some pathetic bitter loser drinking itself into a stupor and spluttering and ranting in impotent, useless rage.

  • I'll give you props, Scumbag, you don't even try to deny being a racist.

  • comment on a post She was Presidential and Tonight ... over 5 years ago

    This working mother of two small children said she had to think about "working" for Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

    If you need to distort the facts to make yourself look like a victim, if you have the desire to distort the facts to make yourself look like a victim, you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

    You're a sad, bitter, pathetic person. A hate-filled racist and a clown. It's been true for months and it's true now: From Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson on down to trools like you, Hillary Clinton deserved far better supporters than she had.

  • on a comment on Gloria Allred "Gagged" over 5 years ago

    Um... Okay.

    Little early in the day to be on your third Zima, isn't it, Fish?

  • on a comment on Gloria Allred "Gagged" over 5 years ago

    Hee hee. "I recced every comment. It's what we do at Alegre's whiny circle jerk. It helps us feel better about ourselves".

    And people say you're a bunch of losers. As if!

  • on a comment on Gloria Allred "Gagged" over 5 years ago

    Nice to see Alegre's still as classy and consistent as ever.

  • on a comment on Gloria Allred "Gagged" over 5 years ago

    You're confusing your etymology. "Hyster" comes from the Greek for womb; "Histrion" from the Latin for actor. You know, as in someone being overly dramatic in order to draw attention to themselves.

    Common mistake among the semi-educated.

  • What could be funnier than a Clintonite talking about people blaming other people for their losses and preaching about "taking responsibility" for losses.

    I haven't heard Hillary or any of her pathetic, loser, whiny, pissant, tantrum-throwing, poo-flinging supporters (you know, people like you) acknowledge any of Herself's mistakes, from the AUMF to Mark Penn.

    And Bubba can't even take responsibility for Little Willy.

  • I've never had much respect for your intelligence, even when you were trying to be a concern troll. Well, let's be honest, the magnitude of your stupidity was always self-evident.

    But to compare a primary campaign to spousal abuse...?

    You're not just a halfwit, you're a disgusting halfwit.


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