• FItzgerald's reputation was that he wouldn't go for an indictment unless he felt pretty damn sure of a conviction, IIRC. That's why he didn't indict Rove.

  • "Chicago ain't ready for reform."

  • Extrapolating from what people were saying about the MN race, I think you might be right.

  • I'm anticipating visits from a number of old friends triumphantly trumpeting that this proves..... something. They don't know what, and they don't know how, but they'll be very sure that those things they don't know add up to something very damning about Obama.

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    It's Occam's Razor, not Occam's Corkscrew.

  • I've missed you!

    "Sarah" has never advocated imposing her views on abortion on others? Not familiar with that Republican platform, are you? or what they mean when they say they'll appoint USSC judges like Scalia and Thomas? She's never tried to block gay rights? Never heard her talk about "marriage is between one man and one woman"?  I guess you don't think Prop 8 is a bad thing either?

    As I said to one of you fellow travellers the other day, it's almost endearing how you people have held on to the crazy and the bitter...  clung to it, I might say. More pathetic and sad, but almost endearing.

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    I'd only dispute your use of pearl-clutching here. To the extent they're doing so, it's faux pearl clutching. They're actually dying for Obama to "reject the left", "stand up to the left", spurn, repudiate, reject, renounce, denounce. Pick your verb of distancing. This, I think, gets to the heart of why people are so pissed about Hildebrand's Broderis/Liebermanesque pronouncement that "this is no time for the [dreaded and unreasonable and foul-mouthed and vituperative and immature and unclean] far left wing of our party..." drivel.
    Case in point, Michael Gerson's column last week about how "Teh Left" is simply stunned and aghast to learn that Obama is a centrist. We weren't the ones calling Obama a socialist and a dangerously naive waif. But we're the ones who are supposed to be horrified to learn that Obama isn't really Dennis Kucinich, much less Emma Goldman.
  • to think that this is a parody of feminism by some ditto-head, rather than the demented ravings of some mirror image of Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. I don't know what to think about the people who rec this wreckage, at least a couple of which seem to be sincere.

  • Brownback and Sebelius are likely to switch chairs

    I hadn't thought of it that way. Interesting. Good for the country, though I feel a little sorry for Kansas. I'll say this for Brownback, I think he's nuts, but he doesn't strike me as mean-spirited like Inhofe, Sessions or some of the other gems stinking up the Senate.

  • "sometimes", yes, sometimes, no. But this is good spin, and reminds everyone that she was under consideration for the Veep's job.

    As I see it, anything less than AG or SoS is a step down for a governor, maybe "Homeland Security" now could be considered a promotion. Labor? Energy? Ag? Hardly a stepping stone to a Senate campaign.

    I understand Richardson was just bored as governor, which doesn't really surprise me.

  • I find it almost endearing that you've maintained the crazy.

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    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing?

    Granted, my knowledge of ancient Rome comes mostly from the HBO series, but I have a hard time imagining a Roman cavalry having a choir, and if they did, they would probably sing as they were caving your skulls in.

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    ...the notion that we're going to abandon Iran to Al Qaeda.

    Kirchik writes for Even The Liberal New Republic, doesn't he? There ain't an editor in the house who has a basic idea about the Sunni/Shi'a thing? Or maybe Uncle Marty gives a bonus if demagogue this blatanly (and to everyone outside Peretzland, pathetically).

    Says a lot about the state of our politics that Kirchik is considered Very Serious and I'm some dumb guy in his bathrobe in his parents' basement (I am, as it happens, wearing a bathrobe at this moment, but I haven't lived with my parents for more than twenty years).

    Not at all coincidentally, Lieberman on at least three occasions, all on FoxNews, referred to the threat to this country posed by "Al Qaeda in Iran".

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    We can safely forgive the past if it means securing the future and still make it clear that the shenanigans stop.

    Yes, and we can be sure the future is secure and the shenanigans will stop, because we're counting on the goodwill and high principle of Joe Lieberman, who will not betray the Democrats again because then they'll.... oh, wait, no they won't.

    You seem to have trouble understanding the concept of "Joe Lieberman doesn't give a shit about the new sheriff", and nothing earns the wrath of someone like Joe Lieberman like having a hold over him.

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    "dumb as hell", constantly dismissing people who disagree with you as not "adult" or "stuck in election mode".

    You really don't think you're being condescending? Wow.


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