• I have nothing against HRC. Would've been happy to vote for her had she won the nomination. It's just that the childishness of the PUMAs is hard for me to resist.

  • Gore and Kerry were both remarkably bad at TV (and Gore still won the popular vote). More than half of the people who voted for Bush in '04 thought Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11.

    As for HRC, many of the reasons she lost were direct results of decisions she made: The personnel she hired; the votes she made in the Senate, and those she didn't.

    And the notion that she was a "fighter" was always particularly bewildering to me. It was always hard for me to take her "fighter" persona seriously after eight years of utter passivity in the Senate. Again, a choice she made.

  • Hillary Clinton, truly better in every way

    Um... if that were true, she would've won the primary, right?

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    I was really impressed by the way she stayed in the Senate to fight for all those things that are so important to her.

    Oh, wait....

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    I would've said "the poor man's Arianna Huffington", or even "Cokie Roberts wannabe".

    I've always found her singularly unimpressive.

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    It's pretty much my story too. Self-insured and scared to even get a check up for fear some "minor" condition will cost me my health insurance, and then I'll get a "major" condition. My premiums go up about ten per cent a year (twenty when I turned forty), and the bastards have the nerve to charge me a five dollar processing fee because I pay every month with an automatic deduction.

  • Russ likes to portray himself as boldly independent, which usually involves pissing in the Democratic pool. Last year he was saying that 'of course he supported Obama, but the country would do just fine under his good friend John McCain'.

    It gets him some attention.

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    I am a republican....always voted republican....

    Saying I voted republican was a general statement. I have int he past voted for democrats as I saw fit. 2004 and 2008 were two cases where I voted for s democratic candidate for President. So before you white wash me with your broadbrush perhaps you should understand the facts.

    Okay. "always" is indeed a rather "broad brush". I apologize for taking you at your word. You decide which facts you want to use, and we'll go with those from here on in.

    Or not.

    But thanks for this last post which gives even further insight into your.... interesting worldview.


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    I don't like the term, or even the idea, being applied to Americans, but I don't think that's what Obama's doing. I don't think he talking about foreign critics of American policy. I think he's talking about literal anti-American sentiments, people who are driven to join terrorist organizations because of things like Iraq, Abu Grahib and Gtimo. There's nothing new in what he's saying. Krauthammer and his ilk will whine about it, but even Christopher Hitchens and some pretty irrational war supporters said that would be the effect of Bush-Cheney policies.

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    Like I said, it's context.

    According to you, you voted for George W Bush in 2000, which says something about your judgment in general, for his tax cuts, which says something about your judgment of fiscal issues, and in 2004 you voted for him again, for his war, his lies, his incompetence, torture, the destruction of the balance of powers within our government, which says something about your grasp of reality, respect for and understanding of the Constitution, and a few other things I won't mention in the interest of civility.

    I'm not "blinded by party". I haven't voted for a Republican since 1990, but I never (strongly) identified myself a Democrat until the late 90s, when the Republican party went collectively insane (and they've steadily deteriorated since then). I'm merely considering your opinions in light of your record as a judge of people and politics as you yourself present it. It's not impressive.

    I'm glad the scales are finally falling from your eyes, but you're hardly someone whose opinion I'm going to give a lot of weight.

    As for your views on global warming.... see above.

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    Republican View
    by adb67, Tue Dec 04, 2007 at 10:59:17 PM EST

    I am a republican....always voted republican.....bu

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    I like Claire McCaskill. She's well to my right, and I knew that when I contributed to her campaign, but she's smart and seems tough and principled and is one of the best of elected Dems at TeeVee.

    But when she twittered during the budget negotiations that she and her co-conspirators had gotten rid of a lot of the "silly stuff", she pissed me. The flip and dismissive reference to cutting an (IMHO) already too-small stimulus (including a personal priority of mine, the green vehicles for gov't use) still gnaws at me. Because we see, once again, a potentially potent Dem buying into the center-right Broderist rhetoric of the Beltway instead of taking a stand and making the case for something that could benefit the country, and/or prevent the country from going down the wrong path... we've seen that movie before. Too many damn times.

    (And I did let my Bayhite Senators know that at least one of their constituents in paying attention, and is not happy).

  • Harwood is a straight up political reporter. People like Reich and Bernstein are interviewed, usually in tandem with someone taking the opposite POV, by people like Erin Burnett, who recently said that the people who drove our financial bus into a ditch deserve federally subsidized bonuses because "they tried their darndest!". Maria Bartiromo was a big Bush supporter in 2004. Kudlow... Jesus, the name speaks for itself.

    CNBC has been a  collective cheerleader for all the short-sightedness and deregulation that got us where we are now. Including the idea that everyone should buy as MUCH HOUSE AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN OF ZOMG THEY WILL MISS OUT!!!!!

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    It does, however, appear that you are offering Andrew Sullivan as a sort of character witness to something you wrote?

    The guy who warned of "decadent enclaves" of "Fifth columnists" that would have to be watched after 9/11? The guy who penned a "you're welcome" letter to the people of Iraq, so grateful should they have been for his tireless support of the invasion of their country, offered with unwavering courage from the toilet of his house in Provincetown?

    Dude, you might wanna recalibrate your serious-o-meter.

  • Wasn't there a movement to push Howard Dean out of the DNC in favor of Harold Ford? Right after the 2006 elections?

    Who was behind that again....?


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