• George Mitchell: The dog that has rolled over and whimpered in the night....

    An insufferable pedant would suggest that someone edit the apostrophe out of the plural "Weinsteins" in the main text. I hate those people.

  • Personally, I almost prefer the honestly upfront bias of FoxNews to the cloying and desperate game of catch-up CNN and MSGOP have been playing for the last few years. I can't watch Hannity or O'Reilly, but I can't watch much else on cable TV news anymore, either.
    The latter is particularly irritating, with Olberman as their token thinking person and Chris Matthews as their token "Democrat" to balance out Scarborough and Carlson. There again, though, I prefer Scarborough's honest partisanship to Mathews embarrassing man-crushes on pretty much every body with an "R" after their name. The Giuliani and McCain interviews threaten to be particularly painful.
    And Carlson is just the latest flame-out in the NBC group's sad efforts to peel off Fox's audience--D. Miller, Alan Keyes, that awful Cosby woman.
    Memo to whoever's in charge over there: Fox's seventy-plus audience is dying out.
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    Well, I hope it means something this time.

    Sorry, but I live in Colorado, and the last time a candidate ran on accountability wrt Iraq, I got Ken Rice Gonzalez Lieberman Salazar. I can't get real excited about this. I'm sure KenDoll will shift with the wind, but if Hilary and Biden and Lieberman are still in there, I don't expect many fireworks.

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    kind of a marginal topic, but whom did McGovern endorse in '04? It'd be pretty ironic if it were Lieberman (and disappointing, McGovern's a hero of mine), considering how all the DLC NeoCons are waving his name like a bloody shirt at Lamont supporters?

  • on a comment on Giuliani's 9/11 Problem? over 7 years ago

    Behind his kids' back? He moved his mistress into their house, didn't he? Good thing his sycophant Matthews doesn't consider the Gracie Mansion to be [sniff, break in voice] THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE. He's very particular about the exact location of adulterous acts, is Tweety, if not about the acts themselves.

    That said, I wouldn't sell Giuliani short. He'll jettison those progressive social stands faster than a wife with cellulite if he thinks it'll get him the nomination. I actually think a destructive clash of egos betweent McCain and Giuliani is the Democrats' best hope in '08.

  • I hope you're right but I'm afraid of the effect of the Incumbent Establishment, which has been circling the wagons for weeks. The one thing we in the Reality Based Community tend to overlook is that most people follow American Idol and the Mel Gibson sage more closely than actual current events.


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