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    "Cut taxes, and all that happens is that the pretax price rises by the same amount. "

    You're missing the point, Todd. The proposals are the same in that neither one saves the consumer any money. Therefore, both Clinton and McCain are pandering and lying to the voters, promoting an idea which sounds good, but won't actually do what it says it will. True, Clinton's won't actually cost any revenue, but the big problem is that it won't save anyone any money.

    This is political pandering at its worst, and it's the type of thing that Republicans do all the time. Clinton should be ashamed of herself.  It also shows real incompetence with regard to fairly simple economics. She's usually regarded as being good on policy issues, but I think she's really damaged her reputation by pushing this stupid proposal.

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    Hillary did not win Texas. Yes, she won the primary portion, but Barack won the caucus portion and the overall delegate total.

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    That's a huge understatement. King is a complete loon, and an embarrassment to the state of Iowa.  

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    I don't think that California's "early voting" will affect the race very much. It's called "early voting", but it's really just the same as an absentee ballot. You have to apply for a mail ballot, then they send it to you and you send it back. Same old system with a new name.

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    Iowa was a hold, not a pickup. Still a big victory, though.

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    Sorry about my confusing post. That would be 2070 dollars. You would actually have $1M in 2070, but that would only be worth about $150,000 in today's dollars.
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    That would be in today's dollars. Figuring 3% inflation, the $1M would be equivalent to only about $150,000 of today's dollars. And the $82,000 annual per year referred to would only amount to about $12,000 in today's dollars.


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