How may I ignore you today?

This seems to be the question McCotter asks himself each day about the voters in his district.

Now, Democratic Candidate Tony Trupiano is blogging about the your issues and your pain. He understands what his constituents feel and need.

"January 23, 2006 will be a day remembered by thousands of people and working families within the 11th District. It won't be remembered fondly, to say the least. It will be a day that for many is the beginning of something too many working families in our community may have seen coming, but were powerless to stop. The 1,567 employees of the Ford Wixom Plant, a place of historic value and profound workmanship, were told yesterday the plant will close; that their skills, talents, traditions, and loyalty are no longer needed."Read all of Tony's comments about this sad time for Michigan's 11th districts people.

Where is McCotter's voice of compassion and comfort??? No where to be found as usual. Nothing at his congressional website and nothing at his campaign website.

Which of these two men do you really think have your interests at heart? I think the answer is clear.

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Re: How may I ignore you today?

MCCotter has to be one of the more vulnerable Michigan Reps as well.  He received just 57% of the vote in 2004.

That percentage ought to go down as the auto industry staggers.  Delphi in banruptcy (former Delco).  Check.  GM loses $8.6 billion for 2005.  Check.  Note that before the fourth quarter was announced, the chance of a GM bankruptcy was estimated at 30%.  OMG! Toyota replaces GM as the number one automaker (coming up).

by David Kowalski 2006-01-26 01:45PM | 0 recs


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