Putting Palin On The Ticket Is Sexism At It's Worse !

Yes, you read the title correctly.

John Mc Cain put Palin on his ticket because she is a woman who he believes will gain votes from other women simply because she is a woman. That is an insult and a slap in the face to  all women. He did not put her on the ticket because she was Governor of "Low Populated" Alaska . He did not put her on the ticket because she would be able to step in as Commander in Chief if he were to pass away or become mentally unfit to carry out his term which is more likely to happen than not. He put her on the ticket because she is a woman. Pundits call this a gamble for a reason. It can , and I believe will , cause a major backlash because Americas women are not stupid.

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Election Year Summer Break

Pundits have nothing new and of interest to talk about with regards to the 2008 Election , so they are stuck reporting basically nothing and trying their hardest to look and sound like they are excited. Those disappointed in the outcome of the Democratic Primaries are still pulling out that left over Beef Stroganoff (sp) casserole , combing for little bits of meat while ignoring the overwhelming smell of mold in their argument. Republican activists , realizing that for the first time in 6 years , they failed to successfully politicize the Fourth of July to their advantage, are now strategizing to politicize the anniversary of 911. Democratic activists do what they always do when they get bored in a General Election; seek to fine tune their party's candidate , analyzing him with a magnifying glass and going over the party's talking point positions, with a fine toothed comb in preparation for the Fall.

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DEMOCRATS !!! Don't Back Down !!!

Every time the Democrats draw blood , John Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals in the Media  try to come to his rescue and start telling Democrats what is fair and not fair. However, when Democrats are attacked by Republicans , Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals in the Media always say it's fair game to attack Barack Obama and Democrats. Remember: It was fair to question John Kerry s Military record in 2004 wasn't it ?

The Republicans are throwing a fit and crying "Where's The New Politics ?" because Democrats are rightfully charging (via GENERAL Wes Clark) that Mc Cain does not have the qualifications to be CIC because he led no mission and never sent anyone to battle.It's true. And Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals are all fussy and "such as" , because we are ruining their only good story for John Mc Cain. "He deserves to win the White House because he's a War Hero." Well, this ain't a game with prizes!

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Breaking! Brand New ABC Iowa Poll Obama Leads 30% to Clinton 26%

Fron ABC.com News


A growing focus on fresh ideas coupled with lingering doubts about Hillary Clinton's honesty and forthrightness are keeping the Democratic presidential contest close in Iowa, with Barack Obama in particular mounting a strong race against the national front-runner.

Most Democratic likely voters in Iowa, 55 percent, say they're more interested in a "new direction and new ideas" than in strength and experience, compared with 49 percent in July -- a help to Obama, who holds a substantial lead among "new direction" voters.


Overall, in current preferences, 30 percent in Iowa support Obama, 26 percent Clinton and 22 percent Edwards, with 11 percent for Bill Richardson. That's little changed since July (Edwards -4, Obama +3, both within sampling tolerances, and Clinton unchanged).

Among those who say they're "absolutely certain" to attend a caucus, Obama has 28 percent support, Clinton 26 percent -- again very close, and a contrast to Clinton's nearly 2-1 lead over Obama nationally.

http://abcnews.go.com/PollingUnit/Vote20 08/story?id=3887274&page=1

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Michelle Obama On "The Black Vote"

I am a 33 year old African American woman.

I am writing this diary because , as an African American, I have a right to have just as much input, if not more, on issues and statements that are directly aimed at the Black community as those who are not African American. Too many times, when something like this comes up, those who are not African American began , consciously or subconsciously , telling the Black Community how we should think and respond to something that has nothing at all to do with them. So, I am putting in my input first and I am doing it as an African American. I do not speak on behalf of the entire Black Community as you will see later in this diary. This is just my opinion based on my personal experiences as an African American. I will welcome mostly all comments.

Michelle Obama was recently interviewed on MSNBC and asked about her husbands poll numbers with specific regards to African Americans. Here was her response.

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Re: John Edwards "Suicide Bomber" For Obama Reference ( Knock It Off )

I am disgusted and appalled and this has gone on long enough. The reference to John Edwards , who shares the same name as the infamous American Taliban convert, John Walker is being called a "suicide bomber" for Barack Obama who's last name rhymes with the infamous wanted terrorists Usama Bin Laden.

I have been seeing this subtle jab hinted at John Edwards and Barack Obama for a few days now and it's coming from Clinton supporters. I am urging you, no I am warning you to knock it off. If you want to play those games, you are more than welcome to join Mitt Romney for President or post at Stormfront. But it ends here.

I strongly suggest that Clinton supporters talk some sense into some of their little pals and explain to them that they do not want to go here or even be perceived as going here. It needs to stop and it needs to stop right now.Choose some other language to get your little "conspiracy theories" about John Edwards out. But, the calling him a Suicide Bomber for Barack Obama is adsurd in the worst kind of way.


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Obama and Edwards Supporters : BEWARE!

It started in the Blosophere. It got picked up by News website Blogs. It's being reported by the Mainstream Media and now it's hit the Political Talk Shows. What is it?

Camp Clinton is in trouble. BIG Trouble.

So, how does Camp Clinton fight back? How do they keep the attention off of Hillary's dramatic dip in the polls after her ridiculous response as to why she lost the last Democratic debate to Barack Obama and John Edwards? How do they explain the sudden absence of all those "She's Inevitable" polls that have been posted on all the blogs by supporters on a daily, if not hourly basis without admitting why she's dipping ? How do they sing her praises on positions that they themselves are still unclear on without getting an instant rebuttal to her position on policies by Obama and Edwards supporters?


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Cross Posted From MyBO Blog

By FreedomOfSpeechForObama2008 -

Oct 30th, 2007 at 11:19 am EDT

For those who are having a hard time comprehending the differences between Barack Obama  launching PERSONAL ATTACKS , versus DRAWING DISTINCTIONS between himself and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton , here are some examples of drawing distinctions and launching personal attacks.

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From Rallying To Canvassing ( Countdown To Change Madison, Wi.)

They Came Cheering. They Left Volunteering. I recently attended the Countdown To Change Rally In Madison Wisconsin. It was an awesome experience.

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From: MSNBC's First Read

"The focus of the United States Senate should be on ending this war, not on criticizing newspaper advertisements," Obama says. "This amendment was a stunt designed only to score cheap political points while what we should be doing is focusing on the deadly serious challenge we face in Iraq.  It's precisely this kind of political game-playing that makes most Americans cynical about Washington's ability to solve America's problems. By not casting a vote, I registered my protest against this empty politics. I registered my views on the ad itself the day it appeared.

Obama goes on to say, "All of us respect the service of General Petraeus and all of our brave men and women in uniform. The way to honor that service is to give them a mission that is responsible, not to vote on amendments like the Cornyn amendment while we continue to pursue the wrong policy in Iraq."

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