While Democrats slept...

After the 2004 Republican sweep (seems like a LOT of Republican sweeps lately) there were meetings and conferences and lots and lots of blogosphere discussion about "what are we going to do?" and "Why do we keep getting trounced at the polls?" and we all knew that our message was muddled.

It was a fact then and it is a fact now:  Everyone whether they love them or hate them knows what the Republicans stand for.  And absolutely no one has any idea what the Democrats stand for (as a group, a party).

We were all supposedly working on it back in November and December of 2004.  We were going to hone our message until it was clear and succint and people -- the voters -- would know EXACTLY what it is we stand for.  NOW, here we are a year later and I would argue that not only have we not developed a clear message, but our message is even less clear than EVER.

The very most important and overiding issue is Iraq and it will be in the fall elections.  The Republican's position is clear and unwavering:  "Stay the course!".

The Democrat position is... uh... its...er... ALL OVER THE PLACE!  My position is simple:  Round up our troops and bring them home!  Bring them home!
Thankfully, there are a handful of Dem officeholders who agree with me and have been brave enough to say so.  BUT, there is no way anyone could honestly say the Dems have a clear position.  A handful of Dems in very, very safe seats have been brave enough to call for "Out now" but most are either in the "We need a timetable for success" (meaning troop removal while posturing so that no one can accuse them of "cutting and running")or "Stay the course" camps.

And here's the real scary part:  Despite all of our daydreams of people changing, MOST Americans want "Victory" (whatever that is).  Fortunately, for awhile Bush was doing an awful job articulating his position.  But, as I always suspected and as we've seen borne out in the last few weeks, once Bush and the Repubs went on the offensive PR-wise the polls are moving like crazy in Bush's goofy favor.  But I don't need polls.  I work in a world in which I am in contact with people all day long and I'm telling you -- and this breaks my heart -- the overwhelming majority of American's agree with Bush's position, particularly when he articulates it.

So, here's my question and my worry.  I am always calling for ACTUAL election victories and anything less then that just annoys me (I'm tired of claiming "moral victories" of the "WOW, Hacket only lost by 5 points, now THAT's a moral victory" variety.  The only thing that matters is being in power and being in power requires ACTUALLY winning some elections).  My question is:  JUST WHAT IS OUR AGENDA, OUR PLATFORM GOING TO BE IN THE FALL???

Please understand my question and it's basis. While I love these liberal sites I think there's a bit too much sunshine being falsely shined up each other's asses on here.  I've written before how flabbergasted I was in the fall of 2004 when it was so clear that Bush was going to have no problem beating Kerry that many liberal sites got themselves worked into such a "liberals posting to liberals" lather that people were actually predicting a Kerry LANDSLIDE!  I suspect there are an awful lot of people posting here and on other liberal sites I read that just spend time with fellow liberals and it falsely colors their view resulting in viewing things unrealistically.

Nancy Pelosi recently announced that whatever unified agenda is going to be marketed by the Dems in the fall election it will NOT include a position on Iraq!  What?!  This is crazy and just plain goofy.

Why do we suck at electioneering while the Republicans are so good at it?  Do you see what is going on?  Bush and Rove couldn't have cared less what Bush's approval ratings were in the last few months.  All they care about is keeping power and maybe even increasing it.  Everything in Bush's counteroffensive is timed to peak at election time in Fall of 2006.  AND ITS WORKING!

So first of all, our party is going to campaign for office and it will have NO position on Iraq.  Secondly, there is a huge problem with Iraq.  Especially for me and people who think like me.  Here's the problem: if we ran on an agenda of "Out Now" we would get absolutely trounced, destroyed at the polls.  Yes, "Out Now" is the correct and moral position - but it is very, very unpopular.

Keep in mind at how good Bush and Rove are at manipulating the electorate.  Remember how Bush/Rove used Iraq in the 2002 midterms to gain advantage and more power?  Remember how he did it again in 2004?

Here's is what will be going on in the fall of 2006.  Bush will have manipulated the media into reporting "how well" things are going in Iraq.  Their "democracy" will appear to be working and running things more and more everyday.  Troops will also be coming home (probably in a trickle, but probably quite a few right before the elections).  The overwhelming majority of Americans will LOVE this.  They will feel like we "won" and we didn't "cut and run" all while our troops are coming home.

I know I am asking questions and not positing solutions.  I am frustrated at the seeming lack of answers.  I honestly believe the Reeps will pick up even more seats in the fall and we'll be back to holding "What can the Dems do now" conferences in the aftermath.  I think if we actually run on "Out Now", we lose big.  And if we run on "No Position" we lose big.  AND if we run on "Stay the course" the electorate will decide that they are getting that anyway from the Republicans so why not just vote Republicans - and we lose big.

What are we going to do???  Why are so many of us still giddy from OLD polls supposedly showing Bush in trouble and NOT trying to formulate a plan of attack?

We and the Dem party are sleeping while Bush/Rove are scheming... and we do so foolishly and are risking our country.  What are we going to do?

We can't win by offering an alternative of confusion...

All of you daydreaming about retaking the house and senate are doing just that: daydreaming.  No one wants a Democratice majority more than me, but I've been around a long time.

First of all, just because some conservatives get frustrated with a conservative leader doesn't mean that they are suddenly going to vote for a liberal.  I get very frustrated with Democratic leaders but I would never suddenly consider voting Republican.

We HAVE to change minds, not just hope the other side screws up.  I see some of you get all excited when the ol' "right track/wrong track" seems to skew against Bush and the Repubs.  Did you ever read the internals on those right track/wrong track" opinions?  A sizable portion offering a "wrong track" position think the country is on the  wrong track because Bush isn't conservative enough!

Many Dems think if Iraq is the main issue this fall the Dems will be greatly helped!  WRONG!  Not unless we have unified position!

Let's see, what is the Dem position on Iraq these days?  Hmmmmm, well we know Murtha and Pelosi want the troops "OUT NOW".  Then of course there's Pelosi's right hand man Steny Hoyer who says, "Stay the Course" and "On this I'm with the President".  About 1/2 of all Dem officeholders are "stay the course" (Kerry, Hillary, etc.) and the remaining half are just all over the place.

What alternative to Bush's position are we going to be offering in the fall?  The Dems are so busy arguing among themselves there's no time to argue with the Reeps.

If someone asked you to state the Republican position on Iraq even the most modest of political followers could easily and accurately do it.  I defy anyone to answer this with clarity:  what is the Democratic Party's position on Iraq?

I love these liberal sites because they allow me to realize I am not alone (I'm in the business world where finding anything but a conservative Republican is almost impossible).  BUT, it embarrasses me how much smoke we blow up each other's asses on these sites.  In 2004 about a month before the election everyone on these sites were cautious saying, "Kerry and Bush are darn close".  Then this bizarre mania seemed to take over and I remember posters on this site and others predicting a "Kerry Landslide".  Who were you people talking to?  Do you have no sense of what is going on?

If the Dems don't develop a unified front on Iraq and have policies and ideas other than "I HATE BUSH AND AM AGAINST WHATEVER HE IS FOR" the upcoming midterms will be another disaster.  Remember, second term president's party should lose big in the midterm elections.  A loss of a few seats in both houses by the Reeps would actually be a landslide victory for them in a midterm.

Anyone who thinks that the senate -- at best -- will wind up anything but exactly as it is now is kidding themselves.  And congress, it will be all we can do to pick up a seat or two.

BUT, if we continue like we are -- a muddled mess -- offering a message that is just "WE HATE BUSH", the Reeps will pick up seats in both houses.

I know you'll all hate me now.  I guess the truth really does hurt!  (and watch the polls.  Ol' evil Karl knows what he's doing.  They allowed the polls to languish and timed their counteroffensive to peak at election time.  They started their counteroffensive a week ago and Bush is climbing steadily in every poll!).

What do you predict most people will vote for:

Reeps:  "We toppled an evil dictator and must stay the course to guarantee freedom and establish a democracy that will foster many other democracies in the middle east finally stabilizing the area."


DEMS:  "We need to get out now, er...uh... I mean kind of get out... ya know.... look like we're getting out while staying... uh... NOOOO, we need to stay the course... uh... we can stay the course better than Bush... well, actually forget the stay the course thing... let's just get out... slowly... no, right away... or may invisibly... or uh...."

GOP wins again, who were 5 traitor Dems?

Five traitorous pig "Democrats" voted down democratic efforts to set timetable into law in the senate today.  But I cannot find anywhere who the 5 Democrats are who voted with Bush and his ilk.

Any help?  Here's the article:


OHIO voters have lost their minds...

The RON measures are getting absolutely trounced in Ohio, trounced.  Looks like every measure will get well in excess of 60% of the vote.  It looks like any hope of inroads into the fascist Republican hold on Ohio are clearly dashed.  Are people crazy in Ohio?

So basically, its another bad election night for we liberals.  Corzine was a great win but hardly a surprise.  A very conservative Democrat (Kaine) won in VA (this race was a lost cause for liberals from the beginning, two conservatives running for Gov both trying to out-conservative the other), RON getting trounced in Ohio and early indications that much of the Governator's propositions in CA are going to pass.  What is going on out there?  If we can't do well when things are so bad for Bush what will happen in the fall after he's had time to rehabilitate???

Why should we be happy that Kaine won?

The Corzine win is great, fantastic!  But why are we happy Kaine won?  He's a conservative and basically ran for office claiming to be more conservative and more religious than Kilgore.  So why are we, as liberals, happy that he won?

Even on abortion he is a waffler.  He admits to being "personally opposed" to abortion but says he won't "oppose abortion law as it is" but also says we should work to "make abortion more and more rare".  He is vehemently opposed to what the right has propaganda-named "partial birth abortion".

Kaine is a conservative in every sense of the word.  Are we so desperate for victory that a conservative in Democrat clothes makes us happy?  I'm afraid that for a few of the very red states this is the future of the Democrat Party.  More and more conservatives running as Dems.

Let's face it, the conservatives keep winning and winning.  Dems won in Wyoming and Colorado by claiming to be more conservative than their Reep opponents last cycle and the trend continues.  

Thank God for Corzine, at least there is finally a win by a true liberal!!

I couldn't disagree more...

Here's a Washington Post article about so-called Democrat "experts" offering "proof" that we should go Republican-lite.  We've heard this and heard this and look what it has gotten us.

Read the article and be forewarned, I expect to hear more of this nonsense:


This Kind of Disloyalty Needs to be Dealt With

Below I cite a news article from Wyoming in which the state Democratic Party is criticizing the national Democratic party as "too liberal" etc. and urging local dems to distance themselves from the national party.  This is nonsense!  You don't ever see this kind of disunity and disloyalty in the Republican Party and we shouldn't tolerate it.

Many of us have been a bit reticent to support some of the western state Democrats (like in Wyoming and Colorado) because we perceive of them as too conservative, but we supported them anyway because they were fellow Democrats.

Local Democratic organizations receive money from the National Democratic Party and any local party that shows this kind of party treason should be dealt with harshly!

Here's the article I'm talking about:

http://www.jacksonholestartrib.com/articles/2005/09/26/news/wyoming/0bd751b1c07c9ec2872570870071b78a .txt

Have people gone crazy???

Sometimes I think I am just surrounded by crazy people!  I was just getting over the fact that America reelected Bush when along comes the horror of Hurrican Katrina.  Bush's inept, incompetent and disastrous response to Katrina finally made clear ONCE and FOR ALL what a complete loser Bush is.

I was positive everyone else felt as I did (the people I work with are all conservative Republicans so I can't use them as a guide).  Then today this knuckleheaded Republican friend of mine emails me this article from the Drudge Report showing a CNN USA Today Gallup Poll that says only THIRTEEN-PERCENT of the American people blame Bush for the screwed up response to this disaster.  Only 13%!!!????

I find this very disheartening.  This means that many Democrats and Independents are saying that Bush isn't to blame.  How can this be?  Am I living in some kind of parallel universe where everything is the opposite of what it should be??

Please realize that this means EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT of America does not find Bush to blame for the horrible response.  This crazyness makes me wonder if I am just going to wind up being one of those old ladies in the park muttering to herself and feeding the birds...

By the way, I am a paid member of Gallup Polling so I went to that site and verified that Drudge was reporting the poll accurately, he was.  I'm giving the site for the Drudge article because I think if I give the site for where the poll was on the Gallup site you have to be a paid member (I think they'd ask for a "member's name" and password).

You can read the poll results here on Drudge though (again, I verified and he did report the poll accurately):



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