Draft Shaheen for Senate in NH - I am bummed

I am a bit disturbed at the new initiative of our former Chair of the NHDP, Kathy Sullivan, to draft Jeanne Shaheen to run against Sununu.  (http://www.bluehampshire.com/showDiary.d o?diaryId=1132)  As many of you know, there was a bit of uprising of the grassroots in NH last year, especially in the First District, where Carol Shea Porter and her amazing team (of which I was a small part) won on a pittance (under $250K) against Jeb Bradley.  I was very pleased when I attended the NHDP Convention last weekend as a town chair to hear Ray Buckley tell those of us who attended the grassroots organizing party building session that the grassroots was going to have a lot of help this cycle, that the party was now bottom-up and not top-down.  

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NH, DE, IA, MS and VT

What do these states have in common?  They have never elected a woman to the United States House of Representatives.  The grassroots in NH wants to change that this year, and we have the woman to do it - Carol Shea-Porter!  
Carol is a progressive with a fiscally responsible platform.  She grew up in a military family and married into the service, raised two children who are now in high school and college, got an advanced degree in the social services field, and has spent the last couple of years dogging the footsteps of our current NH-01 Congressman, Jeb Bradley, around the state, attending town hall meeting after meeting, asking Jeb to stand up for the people of NH.  When he didn't stand up for us, she decided he needed to be replaced and she stepped forward to run for the seat.

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