• has some money, but no supporters.  Carol has the grassroots activists.  I would appreciate knowing why you are so sure she will lose to Jim.

  • Running to oppose Jeb Bradley in a District ready to go blue with the right candidate.  I support Carol because she is progressive, fiscally responsible, pro-choice, and she is a woman and we need to get women equally represented in Congress in order to heal our country.  Carol has a real grass roots campaign going, with a lot of activists who worked for candidates in 2004, who have learned their lessons well, we are organized, energized and ready to take this district blue in November!

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    Where's my Carol Shea-Porter?  UNH is really out of it, there are 4 candidates for Jeb Bradley's seat, who have been appearing at forums all over the district.  And they poll the one who had the auto accident and the one who has no apparent supporters and a website that wasn't working last week!  
    Sometimes the establishment makes me wonder!
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    that it wasn't so terrifying as we thought.  We are in a small, rural town in NH, and decided to do our own, rather than join one of the 4 large canvasses that were going on.  We talked to a few people, left some door hangers and the card we made up for our new website www.lampreydems.org and we will definitely do it again.  One voter at a time.

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    A lot of the grassroots in NH-01 are supporting a wonderful woman, Carol Shea-Porter http://www.carolforcongress.com/.  But rumor has it that Nancy Pelosi is coming to raise money for Jim Craig, who is a perfectly nice guy who will get eaten alive by the Republican money machine backing Jeb Bradley.  He has a lot of money and no supporters we can see and a website that doesn't work.  We also have a couple other guys running.

    Also the DNC is calling people to raise money and telling them that there are only two guys in the race.  I don't know if this is ignorance or on purpose, but it is nuts.  Carol is such a contrast to Bradley, has been following him around the state for 3 years now, to local town meetings he holds, asking the hard questions and keeping track of his evasions.  

    This is really pissing people off, and NH needs the grassroots to stay blue this year.  

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    While I would not support just any woman, I want to call attention to the fact that if we do not have equal representation of women in Congress we will never heal the gaping wounds our country has suffered.  I am supporting Carol all the way, I am a town chair of my Democratic committee, and an activist in my community and in NH.

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    Jim Craig has a lot of money but no website and no supporters, but Carol Shea-Porter has a great website, and LOTS of supporters.  And until women are equally represented in Congress this country will never be back on track!  
    Please check out Carol and don't just go with what little news you can find on NH 01.  
  • is my candidate on NH -1.  While she has three guys to fight off, she stands out from that crowd as principled, eloquent, and knowing Jeb Bradley very, very well.  She has been following him around the district for a couple of years to every town meeting he holds, and asking the hard questions.
    And, she is a woman, and we will never solve the problems this country has until women are equally represented in Congress!


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