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    was left pretty much in shambles by the election in Nov.  Having to pay the NH Dems $135k for phone jamming during the race that Sununu won in 2002 didn't help.  He beat up poor old Bob Smith in the primary in 1996.  He's a real daddy's boy, as is Gregg, that is really their only claim to fame, their fathers who were governors.

    They are really floundering, and Sununu doesn't, in my opinion, have what it takes to run a really competitive race.  By the way, I live in NH and am involved in Democratic politics, including that amazing race my Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter won.  That was a trip!

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    A health savings account was the best deal for me this year, of the expensive options offered by the large firm I work for.  They put $1000 into the account, I have payroll deduction pre-tax for the rest, and at least it can be carried over.  After we each meet the $2500 deductable the rest is covered.  It does run through the insurance company system so we get whatever discount they force on the provider, same for prescriptions.  I have to figure out whether mail order or local pharmacy gives us the best price for our prescriptions, and no, I will not shop at Wal-Mart.  
    If there is any money left, I get to carry it over, and invest it in a mutual fund if I wish.
    We will see how it works.  The whole deal is really scary to me.
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    wasn't supposed to win the PRIMARY!  She was unelectable, not enough money, too liberal, anti-war, etc., etc., etc.  She is now NH's first Congresswoman.  She is exactly what Chris is talking about and what we need to translate to the next level, as well as replicate all over the country.  She was grassroots and netroots, although not netroots across the country, despite our efforts to get you guys to pay attention!!!  
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    "Carol Shea Porter for DCCC chair!"  Absolutely.  However, Carol would tell you that it took all of us to get her elected, and she talked about the love for each other, and the country, that made this campaign work.  And that is exactly what it was, love.  No machine politics here, pure grassroots, just what Howard Dean taught us.  Absolutely beautiful.

  • We have 400 state representatives in our legislature.  They get paid $100 a year plus mileage.  You have to be independently wealthy, have something other than a 9-5 job, or be retired to run.  You can run a campaign for $1000, or less, but how representative do you think our legislature is?  Not very.  Lots of real estate agents, lawyers, small business owners who can take time off, but nobody like me.  My husband retired last year and he is running.
    And we have a grassroots campaign for the 1st Congressional District that is running on a shoestring and making a good run against Bradley, but this is a rare thing.
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    My husband is running for state rep here in NH and he just got a check from Forward Together for $100 for his campaign!  I am impressed.

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    lots of candidates.  First, my Carol Shea Porter http://www.carolforcongress.com/
    - what a woman!  We highlight her, her come-from-behind win in the primary makes her a big draw!  Then my husband, running for State Rep.  Then my state senate candidate, and the other state reps for our district.  We have a Democratic booth that we can take to Old Home Days and the famous Deerfield Fair!  We have been working on campaigns, local, state and national, since Howard Dean came to town and taught us how.  We make a difference in every campaign.
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    these politics swarm like frantic hornts
    stinging each other fierce
    and frantic
    dying like flies
    in the house of cards

    no, these politics sing like chickadees
    in the spruce trees
    in early spring
    calling to each other
    claiming their territories

    no, these politics grow like honeysuckle vines
    twining my brain into knots
    blooming so sweet
    i cannot dream
    of change

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    I see the heron flying in the snow
    I remember where
    But when?
    The years slide like shuffled cards
    Rearranged by memory.

    We drive by the stream
    That runs beside the turnpike
    Often, so often,
    And I always remember the heron
    In the surprising snow

    But when, and what company
    I kept then?
    All else is gone but the image
    Returning and returning
    As I pass by.

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    Delighted to see that you are no longer ignoring Carol Shea-Porter as the signs pop up all over our district and we work on GOTV.  You can find out more about Carol here.

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    I posted my houseparty for my State Senate candidate and our visibility for our wonderful woman Congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter which we will be doing Friday afternoons.  If you want to see what we can do here in NH visit us at Rockingham County District 1 Democrats.

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    My husband and I went to a great training for candidates put on by the NH Committee to Elect House Democrats.  He is running for state rep and the training was put on by sitting reps.  It was very practical and down to earth.  We have an enormous legislature, something like the 3rd largest in the world, and state reps get paid $100 a year (and yes, they take SS and Medicare of of that!).  My husband retired last year, so he can take on this part-time job, should he get elected.  Our district has no Dems, but we have a full slate and lots of hope.

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    As you may have heard we have seen a lot of water coming down in NH recently, and also we have had more wind and stronger wind for the last couple of years.  Strange insects (to us) moving up from the south, different birds and plants, all signs of changes in weather patterns and general warming.  Is this a political issue?  You bet it is!  The economic consequences of climate change are terrifying, the costs of weather disasters are already piling up and the hurricane season has just begun.  Never mind sea level rise, disruption of transportation of food, destruction of crops by drought, flood, etc.  Nothing is going to get cheaper, guys.  And when prices go up, and things get scarce, that's a political issue.

  • I used to be able to read lefty blogs at work, but a lot of them have been blocked now.  (MyDD is still open, which means you guys are not getting the traffic that Daily Kos does, I think).  I have been surprised how many of them are blocked.  We have been depending on a satellite network for Internet, and I am sure the traffic was slowing down business.  

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    about being involved in Carol Shea-Porter's campaign in NH-01.  What a marvelous group of ordinary people running a grass roots campaign and wow-ing voters with our enthusiasm and creativity.  And of course with our wonderful candidate, a woman who speaks her mind!


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