• Lots of LTEs here in our papers (I don't read the Union Misleader so not sure about that) against the pick of Palin.  But a lot of people still think McCain is the Maverick here, a lot voted for him in 2000 and people don't like to think they were wrong, I sometimes believe that is why Bush lasted as long as he did.
    NH demographics are odd, the recent transplants from MA are not Democrats, they are Republicans who were told NH has no taxes, only to find out that we fund everything with property taxes and those houses they bought at the height of the boom cost them a lot here.  
    We just got a few Obama-Biden signs this week!  The campaign has been awful about signs, you couldn't even get plain Obama signs.  They think they can do it with phone calls.  We are very rural in many places and campaign signs in small towns carry a lot of weight in yards, since everyone knows everyone.
    We will keep working on this, and pray that NH is not as racist as I sometimes worry it is.
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    Like the growth of farmers markets in northern New England, a place that no one 5 years ago would have thought was suitable for agriculture again.  Between seasonal changes due to climate change, and the growth of niche agriculture, we are not only watching but actively involved in economic change.  A group of us progressive women got a farmers market started in our town this summer.  And this gives us the opportunity to talk about sustainability as we celebrate the market in the local media and in our talks with customers.  
    Not to say that we don't need the government to come over to the side of the light!  But a two pronged (or more) approach will be faster.  Look at what the country's mayors have been saying over the past couple of months.  
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    who was an even stronger Edwards supporter than I was:

    "If there ever was an argument for shortening the election process and getting the money out of it, it's this.  Asking fallible human beings to submit themselves to an endless campaign and having all that money available to attract people, plus the fact that these endless, media-obsessive campaigns make stars out of our candidates, is a recipe for disaster.
    I tend to be pretty forgiving of people whose hearts are in the right place.  I also refuse to put all the blame on John.  It was certainly a misjudgment but human beings screw up.  The woman is also at fault and I refuse to see this one as a victim.
    But we all know that while IOKIYAR, it sure isn't OK if you are a Democrat."

    And all the best to your husband!  My husband ran for state rep two years ago and lost, but ran a good race.  I have run for office at the town level a couple of times.  It is an exhausting, time-consuming, mind-boggling, soul-searing kinda thing to do.  And I am sure it gets worse the more people you are representing.  I have only compassion and gratitude for those willing to step into the fray (well, except for a "few" Republicans I could mention, who are in it for the money).  And I know I am no angel, and I don't really want to be represented by a saint.  No saint is going to understand me or my life.  

  • Of course, I am an old lady.  My husband is on SS, I am still working trying to up my benefits a bit more.  

    John McCain is a disgrace.  He's been freeloading on his wife and us all since he came back from VietNam.

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    Carol will not pull all her grassroots supporters to Obama by any means.  There are a number of us who are strong Edwards supporters, and personally I am disappointed.  I worked very hard for Carol because of her policy positions, and was surprised and saddened by the endorsement.  I don't understand the Obama thing at all, but then I am an old lady and more concerned with what my future holds in terms of progressive policies than anything else.  I have tried to find out from local Obama supporters who are activists why they are supporting him, and it sounds more like a personality cult than a thought out position.  

    But that is American politics for you.  I am just not interesting in being "brought together" with some of those people.  I want them OUT, period.

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    She is so articulate and such a good advocate for John's policies.  I wrote about it in our local online citizen journalism paper, The Forum (www.forumhome.org)  The article is on the front page.
  • Haven't read enough on this blog recently to know who the nasties are, but I'm with you.  John Edwards is someone who talks to me.  I watch my former friends decide to be on the "winning side" and go with Hillary, or buy into the "bring us all together" of Obama (there are people out there I don't EVER want to be brought together with!), and I just come back again to looking for a candidate who speaks to me and for me.  
    I am getting to be an old lady, and I would like to see some change in the disaster we are hurtling toward. I don't think half measures will do it.  I need someone who tells it like it is, not what he thinks will get him elected.
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    I think it is NH law that the primary must be a week before any other equivalent "election."  Or something like that.  Not his decision exactly.  
    I am in NH, by the way, but I am not a native, and I think the whole primary thing is pretty ridiculous, which probably means I will be forever outcast.  But then I am not fond of the party establishments here, they are both in-grown.  Like toenails.
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    I think we are getting more participation by women in our local NH blogs, at least on the left.  I know a lot of women activists who are learning to post and realizing that we have a lot to say.  Sometimes it takes some powers of example.  
    I don't read the right wing blogs, such as they are, here, so I don't know if women post on those, though I would doubt it.  
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    I sent the following with a link to your diary to a few people I have been in discussions with regarding John vs. Hillary.  I am a 64 years old female who got very active in the Dean campaign, and have remained active in a small NH town.  

    "I think he said it all for me, why I am supporting John.  Primaries are the only place where we get to make the arguments that matter to us about the values we cherish, and what we want for the Democratic Party.  This is where many of us supported Howard Dean, because of what he said, and rejected the "electable" candidate, who didn't win by enough to keep the presidency out of the hands of the cheats.
    If I have to go with the one who is "going to win anyway," then I will give up on this process.  I just don't have the energy at my advancing age to support someone I can't trust.  Someone else who cares less about values can do it in my place."

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    I do live in NH and am politically active here.  I think Jay is a great candidate, I heard him speak at the NHDP convention, before his campaign was official, and I like his scientific approach, his strength of character and his forthrightness.  I am not a fan of Jeanne, nor of the establishment of the NHDP, which seemed content to lose elections and was very, very top down, to my mind.  

    I was a Carol Shea Porter campaigner, and would love to see more of these sort of independent-minded and strong candidates with fresh ideas running in NH.  I think people here are looking for a change.

  • was just like yours, and I know he would have hated Bush.  He was one of the old MA Republicans.  He died in 1999 at 84.  We never discussed politics much, he was a staunch believer that politics and religion were off-limits.  I became a Democrat as soon as I left home.  
    Right now in NH's 1st Congressional District, we are gearing up to protect Carol Shea Porter from a re-run by Jeb Bradley.  She is being attacked by a small but very vocal group who have relatives in the service (or so they say) and are using the "support the troops" mantra, if you don't support Bush and his war, you don't support the troops.  
    Sununu can't break over the 40%s in the polls against any of the candidates who are declared or undeclared.  I suspect it may be too late for him to change course now - that would just open him up to charges of political flip-flops.
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    I was told by one poster that Carol was an aberration and that she was lucky, so I responded that if that was luck, then I wished Jeanne luck if she was a candidate, since she obviously wouldn't need the 500-600 grassroots volunteers who were in every town in the district and made the difference for Carol.
    This is just the old guard trying to get back in power.  They like top-down, you peons do what we tell you when we tell you, and sometimes I think they really didn't care if they lost, as long as they got to run things.  Sort of like those "Democrats" in DC.
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    should have been a movement candidate.  Paul Hodes was much more mainstream in NH-02, Carol was fiercely anti-war and certainly no shrinking violet.  But she ran her campaign on very little money, and we couldn't get you guys interested, because for you money was the measure.  Paul got lots of blog attention.
    At least, that is how this woman sees it.  I would like to see all campaigns move to Carol's model,  instead of this genuflection to money.  Yeah, I know, that's how it's been for years.  Tell me another story about how things can't change.
    Carol won a come from behind primary, and you still ignored her.  She won against a sitting well-funded incumbent in the general.  She is doing a wonderful job representing us, because she IS one of us.  And she owes us, and only us, her seat.
  • who elected Carol Shea-Porter, when no one outside of the 1st District of NH, including MyDD, would even look at her, will take this pronouncement with a saltceller worth of salt!
    And many of us are the real Deaniacs, not the staff of the campaign.  And Edwards supporters and Clark supporters.  When you are guys going to stop looking at the ancient "top" the party and start looking at the heart, soul and shoe leather?  Who do you think took NH from over a century of Republican domination to a Democratic landslide this year?  We did.
    Don't hand us over to Hillary just let, especially if you don't live in NH!


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