Draft Shaheen for Senate in NH - I am bummed

I am a bit disturbed at the new initiative of our former Chair of the NHDP, Kathy Sullivan, to draft Jeanne Shaheen to run against Sununu.  (http://www.bluehampshire.com/showDiary.d o?diaryId=1132)  As many of you know, there was a bit of uprising of the grassroots in NH last year, especially in the First District, where Carol Shea Porter and her amazing team (of which I was a small part) won on a pittance (under $250K) against Jeb Bradley.  I was very pleased when I attended the NHDP Convention last weekend as a town chair to hear Ray Buckley tell those of us who attended the grassroots organizing party building session that the grassroots was going to have a lot of help this cycle, that the party was now bottom-up and not top-down.  

We have three interesting people already declared for this race:  Jay Buckey, a former astronaut and professor of medicine at Dartmouth (http://www.buckey08.com/) who just declared his candidacy, Katrina Swett, wife of former Congressman and Ambassador Dick Swett (http://www.swettforsenate.com/), and Steve Marchand, mayor of Portsmouth NH (http://www.stevemarchand2008.net/).  They are all good candidates and can rouse the grassroots against Sununu.  
I am very concerned that the old establishment in the NHDP will decide, as they have many times in the past, that they know best who should run, who is "electable." They are famous for losing elections in NH, and they cannot take any credit, as far as I am concerned, for the Democratic sweep in NH in 2006.  That was partly Bush, but it was also partly Dr. Dean's initiative to get us more staffing at the party, and a great deal grassroots enthusiasm.  
One of my concerns is that Kathy has a lot of contacts in the media, and many people are not paying attention yet, and may not realize that we already have some great people already geared up for the primary in the fall of 2008.  I don't want to see some sort of coup, where the others will feel they have to bow out because "of course Jeanne is the best candidate." She has a lot of baggage on both sides of the aisle, as will anyone who has been in the limelight in the past.  And she lost the Senate race to Sununu in 2002.  Yes, that was a bad year for Democrats, but she lost to him.  
I would love to see some new blood.  When I got involved, when Dean was running, the NHDP was a dinosaur.  Old, tired and facing extinction it seemed.  But the enthusiasm at the convention this year was amazing!  We need to keep that going, not nip it in the bud.

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aren't the Shaheens

part of the Hillary for president group?

if so , makes perfect sense  ,  this is the "conversation"

by TarHeel 2007-06-09 01:07PM | 0 recs
Re: Draft Shaheen for Senate in NH

Two things.  

Tarheel.  Shaheen's husband has endorsed Hillary, I haven't heard Jeanne endorsing anyone yet.  

Bloom, I agree with you on this.  This is what I think.  Jeanne should fundraise for the senate candidate, and run in '10.  She can study the possitives and negatives to the candidates campaign.  I see Sununu as already fired.  He is terribly weak.  Gregg however, is a much stronger senate candidate (or so I think from watching a little here and there).  I think he would be a tougher guy to unseat and she would be more suitable for the job.  I think it would be the Democrats best interest to run Marchand in '08 and run Shaheen in '10.  

by JeremiahTheMessiah 2007-06-09 01:24PM | 0 recs
Interesting back and forth on Blue Hampshire
I was told by one poster that Carol was an aberration and that she was lucky, so I responded that if that was luck, then I wished Jeanne luck if she was a candidate, since she obviously wouldn't need the 500-600 grassroots volunteers who were in every town in the district and made the difference for Carol.
This is just the old guard trying to get back in power.  They like top-down, you peons do what we tell you when we tell you, and sometimes I think they really didn't care if they lost, as long as they got to run things.  Sort of like those "Democrats" in DC.
by bloomingpol 2007-06-09 02:13PM | 0 recs
Re: Interesting back and forth on Blue Hampshire

Right on, bloomingpol.  There is no such thing as luck, at least as the naysayers mean it.  Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  Carol Shea-Porter was prepared.  She and her team did the work in an old fashioned voter-by-voter context.

We reduce politics to fund-raising and 30 second commercials at our peril and ultimately at the risk of our democracy.  Funny, isn't it, that New Hampshire and Iowa make a big deal about the importance of retail politics in terms of selecting the President but some in New Hampshire are unable to extend that same lesson to races for the House or Senate.

Continue with your good work.

by David Kowalski 2007-06-10 01:10AM | 0 recs
Re: Draft Shaheen for Senate in NH - I am bummed

Yeah. The Shaheen's are part of the old guard. So is  Swett I think. Though not as much.

However Steve is part of the new grassroots. He's worked as a grassroots organizer and is the future of the NH Party with people like Carol. Buckey can raise his profile in this race and then run against Gregg in 2010.  Maybe he could run for Governor or party chair?

The new grassroots is taking over, old guard? No way.

by Populista 2007-06-09 02:43PM | 0 recs
Draft Shaheen for Senate in NH

I firmly believe that primaries should allow many candidates to run and within-party contests should be open and full-throated.  However, once the primary is over, the candidates should unite behind the party winner.

So, let Shaheen run.

by dataguy 2007-06-10 06:51AM | 0 recs


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