so how are those tea parties coming?

i am going to be anxious to see glen beck this evening, perhaps he will faint or something....i know, wishful thinking.

but, since glen and fox and certain gop tax crazies, since they ramped up to the big tax rallies on 4-15....what has been the most clear political change to follow?

yes, arlen does, thanks glen, perhaps with your mingling with a whole mess of whacked out sore losers...perhaps you and your ilk helped the pennslyvania senator join the force for democracy, and shunned the gop...

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my bad joke on tea parties irritate many

i am in a state of early retirement, i love sports as well as politics, so i keep busy with a sports site as well as listening to a local sports radio station.

so, i get to express myself in forums that allow my acidic observations to be expressed, sometimes causing a problem as i live in the most tea baggiest state of them all, south carolina.

i hit on this bad joke yesterday, posted it on a sports forum, it lasted somewhat longer than i expected, as they frown on political commentary or whatever. this morning i called the local sports show, and at the end of some sports related exchanges, i threw the joke in at the end, it left the two hosts in a state of, as to the joke and the basis of this rather inane wife does not think it is funny, neither did most of the folks on the receiving end...but here goes:

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change=more of the same

Contemptlating the working of the stimulus package through the Congress reminds me of a canard that I used to conjure up back in the primaries, seduced by the message of change, but old enough, cynical enough too, to recall the old political adage: the more things change the more they stay the same.

No longer am I a mere witness to the national crises, I am now one of the victims (that is a real exaggeration of course, compared to the worst off victims, I am probably blessed) of the economic downturn.

An employee of three different insurance companies since 1973, I have labored for relatively modest wages, but with some nice benefits, medical and otherwise. Insurance companies are financial institutions, at bottom, for most of them have huge cash reserves, which can be invested in a myriad of ways. The market collapse hurt insurance companies as much as banks.

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the continuing series of the clinton chronicle

during the primaries the main stream media and many liberal bloggers here and elsewhere kept telling me that once they beat hillary, it was all over for the clintons, they would be relegated to the dust bin of history.

during the primaries the obama supporters relished the idea of doing cheap ken starr impressions in their campaign for higher ideals and change and stuff.

obama won...he is having a convention, he will speak, he won. okay? there...and also this, i am voting for the guy, when i go into my voting apparatus in november, i am voting straight democratic ticket, i also thereby to get to express my throw the bums out aura, since all the folks in office here in sc are in the gop.

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Obama campaign mocks JMac

Ok, so we jump to it, the obama campaign comes out hard with an add mocking jmacs out of touch, rich point of view and as alien to regular u.s. americans.

may i dare offer this opinion: it wont work!

obama was sold and was received as different, as embodying something different, some real change from the way politics operates in these 50 states and possessions and whatever.

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mine eyes have seen the glory of Paris Hilton

As a former Clinton die hard, well, actually, I am still, but I am over that, I was ready to go ahead, let bygones be bygones, vote for Obama.

My family wore me down, as well, and I always knew I could never vote for McCain and his dogged persistence in following bad policies to their illogical end.

But, lets be honest, the light has not been lit up with soaring rhetoric here lately, more reposturing in the middle for the general election, lots of fluff and nonsense and little memorable in the way of driving specific issues or proposals.

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why is the polling so close still?

i certainly do not want to over tout polling so early in the election in november, but given the obama foreign trip & his clearly efficient campaign staff & machinery, tons of money, is it legitimate to wonder why some polls now show a very close race?

the conventions, unless somebody does something egregioous, will be a wash, in my humble opinion, the events have devolved from smoke filled rooms of real excitement, to drowsy affairs where pomp and circumstance get equal billing with policy, party, country, families, all that stuff.

but, wait, president bush is as popular as a radioactive used condom, the american people clearly know change is needed, democrats seem poised to grow in the senate and house, but why is mccain so close?

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poor jesse jackson

the fall is not yet here, the leaves have yet to have a chance to begin to change color...

the political season is so early yet, too early it seems, but nonetheless, we once again get to enjoy the quasi=regular national race baiting with jesse jackson

jesse has made many crude comments in the course of his life, he has made mistakes, as have we all, he has done some good things with his life

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Andy Sullivan says he likes integrity in a candidate

i had stopped visiting sullivans site some time back, i found the daily two feet of sewage on the clintons just uncomfortable to view, and smell.

since hillary endorsed obama, since they had their unity rally yesterday, i thought, why not check it out

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Talking white

I see the comments of Ralph Nader. He has been a thorn in the side of many for so long.

I can remember it now, how sarcastic he was back in 2000. He assailed Al Gore and made the difference between Gore and then Governor Bush seem nonexistent.

He convinced many sour, frustrated with politics as usual, whiny people. The people were tired of the Clinton drama at the end, and with apparent peace and prosperity they could entertain such notions as Gore governing the same as an almost blank slate son of a former President.

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